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Sweden: LEDs provide coolness for Alpine plants

Last spring Heliospectra launched the LX60, a new kind of energy-efficient and fully controllable LED grow light, designed and engineered to replace traditional HPS and HID lamps. The lamp is a first step towards a complete biofeedback system, with sensors detecting how the plants are reacting to the light and the environment, then adapting the light to fit the plants’ needs. The LX60 is already in use throughout Europe, the USA, and even Australia. Now Gothenburg Botanical Garden also reports its success with using the LX60.

"100 percent of our Dionysia-cuttings survived and the aphid attacks have been minimized. Overall, these are exceptional results for our business," says Marika Irvine, gardener at Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

"The LX60 consistently receives high ratings by users. Gothenburg Botanical Garden sets incredibly high standards and is an important reference customer for Heliospectra. The fact that they are seeing such great advantages in using the LX60 is of course very positive for us," says Staffan Hillberg, CEO Heliospectra.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden, with its 175 hectares in central Gothenburg, is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. The cultivated part occupies about 40 hectares and there are about 16,000 species of plants. A large number of these are part of the scientific collections, including one of Europe’s largest collections of onions and tubers, Alpine and the Dionysia.

"During the winter months, it is important for us to add supplemental lighting. High Altitude Plants such as Alpine Perennials and Dionysia are very difficult to cultivate. Heat is one of the big issues. We therefore had quality issues with our plants under our old HPS lamps. The benefits we received with the LX60 breaks all records in terms of both plant survival and quality," says Marika Irvine.

For more information:
Box 5401 SE-402 29 Göteborg Sweden
Phone: +46 31 40 67 10
Fax: +46 31 83 37 82

Publication date: 5/16/2017



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