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Agriom, Cultivaris, Hassinger, Hem Genetics, HilverdaKooij, Horteve, Jaldety, Koppe, Prudac, Van Zanten, Takii, Thompson & Morgan, Volmary, VWS

Preview FlowerTrials 2017: Novelties highlighted

At the FlowerTrials 2017, no less than 59 breeding companies will present their newest varieties in pot- and bedding plants, as well as the latest innovations and concepts. At 32 locations, spread across three regions (Aalsmeer and the Westland region in the Netherlands, and Rhineland-Westphalia in Germany), the event will take place from June 13-16 and can be visited daily from 08:00 till 18:00 (Friday till 16:00).

Leading up to the event, we will present a highlight of each participating company in a series of five articles. Last week, we presented the products of the first half of the participating companies, in this first edition, we will focus on the other half: Agriom, Cultivaris, Hassinger Orchideen, Hem Genetics, HilverdaKooij, Horteve breeding, Jaldety, Koppe, Prudac, Royal Van Zanten, Takii Seed, Thompson & Morgan, Volmary, VWS.

Agriom - Pot chrysanthemums

At the FlowerTrials, Agriom will introduce some new pot hydrangeas from Hydrangea Breeders Association. These are indoor and outdoor varieties, including Green Lips, Ice Girl and Sarena have good branching, compact growth, and uniform flowering. The strong colouring Royal-series includes cutflower hydrangeas with large umbels for cultivation in North West Europe. New: cutflower and pot plant varieties which do not need a cold period, especially for year round cultivation in tropical regions.


Cultivaris is a new kid on the block this year. It is a relatively young company that represents several breeders and supports them with putting their varieties on the market. Over the years, it built up a broad assortment of pot and bedding plants.

Hassinger Orchideeën

Hassinger Orchideen is a family owned business from Germany that looks back at 30 years of orchid breeding. Over 500 varieties in Phalaenopsis, Masdevallia or less known genera are developed in that time. Besides the wide range of concepts, the Bellevalias, a new Masdevallia variety will be the center of attention at the Flower Trials.

Hem Genetics

Hem Genetics breeds, develops and markets both seed- and vegetatively raised ornamental pot and bedding plant varieties for the professional grower market. Next to several dianthus and petunia varieties, a new patio tomato will be presented; the Sweet Valentines. This tomato variety is a "very compact, well branched and trailing plant structure combined with masses of delicious, heart-shaped fruit."


Also at HilverdaKooij, many varieties will be on display and the following novelties will be highlighted; Dianthus Flow Apella Beach (on the photo), a plant with large double flower buds and a bright green color.

Horteve breeding

Horteve Breeding is specialized in the breeding of Hydrangea for the production of indoor pot plants, garden shrubs and cut flowers. (in cooperation with Kolster B.V.). The center of attention this year, is not the novelties, but the know-how and experience in the area of propagation and production. One sister company of Horteve Breeding, Hortensia France Production (HFP), is 100% specialized in the growing of forcing plants of hydrangeas. Another sister company is specialized in the multiplication of these varieties producing in a 180 hole tray, 104 hole tray and a 35 hole tray.


Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colorful range of niche perennials and annual cuttings. In their perennials line, and the sedum in particular, many colorful, long flowering, low maintenance -and more advantages - are on display, like the SunSparkler (on photo).


At Koppe, the Beleaf Collection will be in the spotlight. Last year, they introduced Asian Tundra and Forest Stream. By now, these are an established part of their range.


Pruduc is known from their ornamental edibles. This year, these Pillar Peppers F1, Sweet Red & Yellow, will take center stage. The peppers are fresh, juicy and crunchy and are usable as snack or in combination for cooking or frying.

Royal Van Zanten

Dutch breeder Royal van Zanten will showcase a large range of concepts and series, like the Multiflora series for example. In the Multiflora assortment, we're focusing on our Amadore. This series consists of varieties in five colours notable for their bright flower colour and rounded habit. All the varieties in this series are suitable for greenhouses equipped with blackout systems as well as for outdoor cultivation.

Takii Seed

Takii Europe B.V. is a seed company engaged in the breeding, production, processing and sales & marketing of a wide range of flower and vegetable varieties for professional growers. During the FlowerTrials, the Cannova Mango will receive a special spot. This Canna generalis is, according to Takki, the first F1 hybrid Canna from seed and is now also suitable for the mild, North-West European climate.

Thompson & Morgan

Also the British Thompson and Morgan will present a range of products, including the Cosmos Cupcakes Blush. It is a new color in the Cupcakes series with cup shaped flowers and fused petals. The semi-double flowers open white and turn a blush pink colour as they mature. This easy to sow hardy annual will flower all summer long. It has a height of 100cm/40in and can be used as cut flowers.


The German breeder and propagator Volmary will present flowers and vegetables during the FlowerTrials. This new edible sweet potato (Ipomoea), for example, will be on display.


The Dutch importer and exporter of flowerbulbs VWS will also present a lot of varieties, including a new line of pot lilies. During the last few years VWS has been testing new oriental Pot Lilies. These new varieties, only bred for VWS, are also being tested on the geographical location of our customers worldwide, not only in the Netherlands. This is done to ensure that these varieties are suitable for different geographical locations and seasons.

For more information, novelties and concepts, as well as a short video introduction of each individual company, visit the website of the FlowerTrials. 

Publication date: 5/19/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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