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Improve water and nutrient management with Retain

RainSoil debuts new substrate enhancer at Cultivate

Growers in North America can now rely on Retain substrate enhancer to help them with water- and nutrient management in a wide variety of crops.

“Retain is a dry-granular superabsorbent polymer additive intended for both water and nutrient retention and release in soil and soilless media,” explains Dr. Johann Buck, RainSoil’s Director of Sales and Product Development and Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). “Growers will see not only easier water- and nutrient management, but also an improvement in plant quality and health due to reduced stress on the plants.”

Retain can be mixed dry or pre-hydrated into soil and soilless media. It absorbs several times its volume in water and then slowly releases it into the soil as needed. This provides an even water and nutrient supply to the plants. An additional benefit is that Retain expands to several times its dry volume when in contact with water, which in turn helps aerate the growing media.

Derived from polyacrylate, lava rock, bentonite and silicates, Retain is pH neutral, non-toxic and harmless to the environment. It works well with both soil as well as soilless media. Retain is suitable for a wide range of uses, including hanging baskets, potted plants, bedding plants, gardens, trees and shrubs, lawns and hydroponics.

Retain is available in 50 pound bags and large, 1,500 pound totes for commercial use. Retail-ready packaging targeted at the home gardener will be available in a few months.

See Retain for yourself at Cultivate’17 booth 225. For more information on Retain or any of RainSoil’s products, call 702-966-5167 or visit

Publication date: 7/17/2017



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