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US (FL): Tecogen sells chiller to MMJ business

Tecogen, a clean energy company providing natural gas-powered on-site power, heating and cooling equipment, has announced the sale of three of its Tecochill "STx Series" chillers to an indoor cannabis growing operation near Tampa, FL. This marks Tecogen's first sale into Florida's recently legalized medical marijuana business. Following the recent announcement of a sale in Massachusetts, Tecogen has now closed six transactions with the indoor cannabis industry.

The units in Florida will provide 450 refrigeration tons of cooling for a 40,000-square foot grow facility, which is being retrofitted out of an existing facility. Bill Martini, Tecogen's Vice President of Sales, commented, "The key points of this particular sale are similar to those on prior indoor grow projects. Utility and infrastructure costs are a big deal for indoor farming. Tecogen's chillers enable growers to replace electricity with less expensive natural gas, and at the same time make use of the waste heat. This greatly boosts a facility's overall energy efficiency and consequently lowers operating costs. The Tecochills' cooling helps remove the heat generated by the thousands of lights that are needed to grow the crops, while the recovered waste heat can be utilized to dehumidify the air. Thanks to our patented Ultera emissions technology, the CO2 contained in the ultra-clean exhaust stream can even be pumped into the facility, to aid in plant growth. Finally, use of efficient gas cooling helps grow facility developers reduce their facilities' electrical requirements, avoiding capital costs and construction delays."

Tecogen Co-CEO Benjamin Locke said, "This deal is powerful evidence of the dramatic value proposition that our equipment provides to indoor growers. Farmers of high value crops such as cannabis lock up a lot of capital in each growing cycle. It's not simply a matter of efficiency and operating cost savings that matters, but also reliability. This initial indoor agriculture contract win in Florida is also indicative of the increasingly geographically broad awareness and interest in our products."

For more information:
45 First Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451

Publication date: 8/9/2017



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