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Avanish Mokate, Continental Breeding:

Mayra's roses gain larger foothold in Kenya

You have probably heard of the Mayra's rose of Continental Breeding. It is a garden cut rose that has the same characteristics of a regular cut rose and has been introduced in South America two years ago, where it quickly gained popularity. Last year, Continental Breeders introduced it to Kenyan growers and it is currently being grown at two farms and trialled at three other high altitude farms in Kenya.

Avanish Moskate, Pedro Requena and Juan Demian Requena at the IFTEX 2017. The Mayra's rose took a central stage at their booth. "Also this year, the Mayra's roses caught the attention of many buyers at the IFTEX."

High production
Continental Breeding has been investing in the breeding of the Mayra's rose for about five years and introduced the first varieties to the South American growers two years ago. According to Continental Breeding Africa Representative Avinash Mokate, the fact that it has the same characteristics as a regular cut rose, the opening of a garden rose, and the high production and selling prices in particular is what makes the Mayra's rose so unique. "The South American growers receive about 50 to 100 percent higher prices on the European and US market than for regular cut roses", he says.

The Mayra's Rose Family at the IFTEX 2017.

Special packaging
Even though, the Mayra's roses cultivation characteristics are similar to that of a regular cut rose, they differ a bit in packaging. "It is a niche and high value product and therefore, spotless flowers need to end up at the consumer. In order to achieve this, we protect the buds with a foam cup that is put around the bud when it is showing color. This cup will stay around the bud right from the field up to the consumer", says Mokate. Next to the fact that this cup protects the flower, it also creates a fashionable look. "It is now more presented like a gift and this enables the growers to maintain a high brand image."

Trials going on in Kenya
Last year, the Mayra's rose has been introduced to the Kenyan growers and currently two growers in Kenya, Uhuru Flowers and Batian Flowers, have commercially planted it. At three other farms, AAA Roses, Subati Group and Black Tulip trials are currently conducted. "We work with selective growers that are situated on an altitude of 2,400 meters and above."

Keeping it exclusive 
And Continental Breeding wants to keep it an exclusive product. "In order to do this, we ask high royalties. However, if the growers join our exclusive cluster, we can give them more trials", says Mokate.

For more information:
Continental Breeding
Avanish Mokate
Email: /
T: +254739728333, +254715173338

Publication date: 8/22/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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