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Anat Moshes, Danziger:

"Russians looking for a broader flower assortment"

"Russian buyers are looking for a wider selection of flowers and are more often sourcing these varieties directly from the farms", explains Anat Moshes, VP cut flowers sales of Israeli breeding company Danziger. Their African and South American summer flower growers used to supply mainly gypsophilas to the Russian market, but Moshes notices that they are expanding their assortment to meet these changing demands. And in order to get an even better insight in this market's demands and requirements, Danziger is exhibiting at the FlowersExpo in Moscow, where they will present almost all of the cut flowers in their assortment.

Idan Honig, Anat Moshes and Shmulik Ben Harush at the IFTEX 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. (Idan Honig, together with two other colleagues, will be exhibiting at the FlowersExpo in Moscow) 

Wider assortment
Danziger breeds and produces many types of young plants for cut flowers such as gypsophila, aster, solidago, limonium, hypericums, chrysanthemums and more. According to Moshes, the gypsophila, and specifically the well known variety XLENCE®, followed by the variety COSMIC™ - both of extra large flower, is still the main product in Danziger's cut flower assortment that is supplied to the Russian market by their African and South American growers. However, over the years, Moshes saw the demand changing. "Every year, we hear from our growers that the Russian buyers are looking for a wider assortment of flowers. In addition to gypsophilas, scabiosas, craspedias, veronicas, cut kalanchoes, Ornithogalums and limoniums are increasingly more demanded by the Russians."

Sourcing direct from the farms
Besides looking for a wider assortment, the Russian buyers are also more often sourcing the varieties direct from the farm, and African farms are in a trend of growing. "The majority of the gypsophilas and other summer flowers are still being imported from South America. However, we see that the Kenyan and Ethiopian growers are becoming more professional and are able to produce a high quality crop with large flowers of roses and gypsophilas, which are two of the major requirements of the Russians. Therefore, increasingly more Russian buyers are eager to import African flowers, but most of these flowers are still only available at the Dutch auction. So, over the last two years in particular, we see many Russian buyers sourcing the products from the farm directly. At the IFTEX in Nairobi (Kenya) that was held last June, for example, mainly Russians attended this show to discover the possibilities of buying directly."

New Scabiosa Scoop varieties, clockwise: Sweet, Tutti Frutti, Scoop Red Velvet and Cotton Candy.

New varieties
At the FlowersExpo Moscow, that will be held from September 12-14, Danziger will present many varieties. "We will have almost all of our varieties in our cut flower assortment on display. This way, we can get a better insight in the demands and show the Russian market what's available or what will be on the market soon." And special emphasis will be put on their new varieties. "Russians are eager to learn about the new varieties, their uses, which they can explore via our company catalog, exhibitions, & unique Florists catalogs. On top of that, four of our Scabiosa Scoop varieties (Cotton Candy, Red Velvet, Tuttie Frutti and Sweet) and one Limonium Altiaca, named the SAFORA® Oshi Pink, are participating in the Best New Varieties competition."

SAFORA® Oshi Pink.

For more information
Anat Moshes

Publication date: 9/6/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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