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Brandkamp taps into bi-colored trend with new chrysanthemums

Bi-colored flowers have become quite popular over the last years. For this reason, German breeder and propagator Brandkamp decided to focus their chrysanthemum breeding on these two-tone varieties too. And they succeeded. At the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, that took place last week, they presented new pot and cut flower chrysanthemum varieties for the first time and the reactions they received were very positive.

Jürgen von den Driesch and Andre Elijzen Brandkamp at the IFTF Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. 

For the season 2018 Brandkamp offers four new pot chrysanthemums and four new cut chrysanthemums. "It has been an important goal for many years to provide many colors of the same variety", says Jürgen von den Driesch, Sales Manager at Brandkamp. "Variety families enable an easy cultivation and allows the creation of mix pots with 3 or more colors per pot."

Naxos, Hawaii, Bermuda

Pot chrysanthemums
With offering many colors in the same variety, bi-colored varieties cannot be missed out. According to von den Driesch, the focus of breeding in pot chrysanthemums has been on creating the two-tone varieties for several years now as these varieties are doing very well on the market. And for the season 2018, they added three new varieties; a red/yellow variety with 7 weeks response time called Hawaii, a pink/white striped variety with also 7 weeks response time called Bermuda, and a purple/silver striped variety with 7.5 weeks response time called Naxos. "All three varieties have a very good habit with many flowers and good color stability."

Cayman Yellow

Next to these bi-colored varieties, they also added a yellow filled flowering variety to their pot-chrysanthemum assortment; Cayman Yellow. This variety can be cultivated as spray form and disbudded. "This means that the range is also around in this sector."

Cut flowers
In the cut-flowers range, Brandkamp also added two bi-colored varieties. "We were still missing these kind of colors in the cut flower range", says von den Driesh.

Pune and Bangalore.

So, after several years of breeding, they are now able to add two varieties; a pink striped variety with many flowers and a response time of 7 weeks called Pune and a yellow/red striped variety with a response time of 7.5 weeks called Bangalore. Next to their stripes on the flower petals, both varieties are characterized by their strong stems and their stable color.

Adana Purple and Adana Orange.

Next to these two bi-colored varieties, they also added two filled flowering varieties; Adana Purple and Adana Orange. These two varieties are mutations of the Adana, Brandkamp's first filled flowering variety. Von den Driesch has high hopes for these varieties as Adana has been well demanded since its introduction.

For more information
Jürgen von den Driesch
Phone: +49 (0) 228/33 08 75
Fax: +49 (0) 228/33 47 00
Mobile: +49 (0) 171/4 13 55 91

Publication date: 11/14/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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