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Foliage Wax, marketed by Aviv Harmonie:

"Color changing creates new purpose of wax flower"

Last winter, Aviv Flowers put the Foliage Wax flowers on the market. At that time, they were grown by Israeli growers in small quantities, but over the last year, the production acreage increased and the flowers are currently being grown all over Israel. The first flowers of the season are just harvested and the demand for Christmas seems to be high. "The red variety gets tremendous interest as the Christmas 2017 novelty", says Shay Lehrmann, Project Managers at Aviv Flowers.

The Wax Foliage, (bred by Nir Nurseries and exclusively marketed by Aviv Harmonie.)

Foliage Wax
The Foliage Wax is a series of varieties that are characterized by the color and change of color of the branch itself. "These are strong and vivid and the uppermost section of the branch, foliage and buds included changes color to orange, purple, or greenish-yellow. This color changing begins at differentiation period (autumn) and lasts until flowers appear 3-4 months later." According to Lehrmann, this feature had created a new purpose of the wax flower. "These varieties are marketed as decorative foliage and not as flowers." The varieties that are currently on the market are "Vega"- the variety that turns red, "Orion"- that turns green/yellow and "Nova"- that turns orange.

Demand rising
The Foliage Wax flowers are grown by several Israeli growers spread all over Israel. "From the northern tip of the Golan heights to the depths of the southern desert, the flowers are grown on a total acreage of 4ha." And the demand is rising. "It is a unique flower, distinguishing itself into a new category between decorative foliage and green. It creates new opportunities in a bouquet arrangement and for Christmas too. The red Vega, for example, already gets tremendous interest as the Christmas 2017 novelty."

For more information:
Aviv Flowers
Emek Hefer P.O.B 85
Hadera 38100
Tel 972 -4-6126000
Fax 972-4-6335370

Publication date: 12/6/2017



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