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Kordes Rosen visits Plantec Ecuador’s New Varieties greenhouse

"Fortune favors the persistent"

The week of the 26th of November was a particularly busy time in Plantec Ecuador’s New Varieties greenhouse.

This was because John Kordes and senior rose breeder Matthias Bleker of Kordes Rosen landed in Mariscal Sucre Int. Airport, the busiest airport in Ecuador with one purpose in mind. They had come from Germany to further their selection for new varieties, and for the entire week, from sunrise until sunset, they did just that.

From left to right; Carlos Krell, President of Plantec, Fernanda Basantes (hidden by the roses)  and Carlos Chicaiza, Agricultural engineers, Matthias Bleker, Senior rose breeder, and John Kordes, Director of Kordes Rosen

Over 3000 rose varieties located in hydroponic pots on the Plantec Plantation were measured, compared, judged, placed in vases, and judged again in order to continue the selection for varieties that would most likely be shown to the market only after the year 2020.

The long process of selecting a variety is intentionally complex, with only the roses that have consistently scored as perfect according to Plantec’s criteria being chosen. These criteria include evaluating the rose’s characteristic behavior not only throughout several years, but also in different countries, different altitudes, and climates.  

Kordes Roses are known worldwide for their characteristic high yields and long vase life, and this selection cycle saw a wide spectrum of colors added to their collections.

“This selection was extremely interesting, and difficult because of the large quantity of varieties with commercial characteristics.” Said Carlos Krell of Plantec Ecuador. 

The process had come to a point where any imperfection was used as a way to filter out what would be kept, and what will disappear to make room for additional plants.

Near the end of the visit, the selection team made a special review of their new red variety, which has been under special supervision due to its enormous potential when entering the market.
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Publication date: 12/18/2017



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