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Earth Alive brings products to US market

Earth Alive Clean Technologies is bringing its bacterial soil amendment product to home gardeners in the United States.

The first product for the US consumer gardening market, Soil Activator, has garnered world-wide recognition and proven to boost yields of dozens of crops such as tomatoes, blueberries and peppers.

“Our company develops innovative products that harness the power of microorganisms to improve productivity and protect the environment,” explains Michael Warren, Earth Alive’s CEO. “We are committed to organics and to the environment.”

“Our products are attractive to farmers, gardeners and urban growers because they increase harvests, boost flower production and grow healthier landscapes,” says Warren. “Our products have proven themselves in all kinds of climates and soils, so no matter where you live or what you grow we can provide the soil health support needed.”

Retail outlets include the new 1.76oz packets as add-ons at check-out or in eco-friendly end-caps to highlight companies giving back.

In 2016, the company founded the Mocha Initiative to facilitate and improve sustainable production methods for coffee and cocoa through collaborative research with producer co-ops and farms in Africa and Latin America, and were recognized as a Top 50 Company in Latin America the same year. They are members of the United Nations Global Compact and the Global Soil Partnership (GSP).

Earth Alive, located in Montreal, Quebec, is carried by major distributors and retailers in select states.

For more information:
Earth Alive Clean Technologies
RCA Building
1001 Lenoir Street, suite B-338
Montreal, QC Canada H4C 2Z6

Publication date: 2/22/2018



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