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Fresh Pod

"Flowers and plants keep fresh 30% longer"

Willem Geleijn, LogiFlora: "Fresh Pod can be used in a variety of ways to keep fresh products such as vegetables, flowers, and plants fresh for a longer time and to prevent unnecessary waste. Every supplier can contribute, by sprinkling Fresh Pod, to the reduction of waste, and the consumer can enjoy his or her products 30% longer."

Ethylene is the culprit which ages products quicker. With Fresh Pod products in cold stores or shop spaces can be, by their own account, kept ethylene free, and in this way it can be prevented that one bad apple contaminates all.

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Particularly with cabbages (Brassica for example) the effectivity of Fresh Pod has been demonstrated. Added bonus is that when the product has worn off after about six months, it can be used as fertilizer in the garden. 

No waste
The product consists of small OMRI balls which can be purchased in bags of 5.8 and 28 gram, which in their turn have to be covered by protective packaging. The natural formula communicates with ethylene and converts it to manganese dioxide (brownstone). This way the product is converted to fertilizer after use, and thus leaves zero waste.

Willem Geleijn, LogiFlora BV has been asked to use his network for this purpose in the Netherlands.

Fore more information:
Fresh Pod

Publication date: 5/1/2018



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