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Kordes Roses and Rosa Danica

1rose: Result of a close breeder-grower collaboration

You have probably heard of the 1rose, the novelty that looks like a one stem cut rose, but it is a pot rose breeding. What you might not know is that this innovative product is a result of a close collaboration between German rose breeder Kordes Roses and Danish pot rose grower Rosa Danica. For many years, they have been working together closely and this resulted in a wide range of varieties, with the 1rose as the latest addition.

For over 30 years Rosa Danica has been working closely with German breeder W. Kordes Söhne to develop new Kordana pot roses. "Rosa Danica A/S is a modern nursery founded in 1987. The Danish company has a total area of 14 hectare greenhouses with state-of-the-art technology in its production and produces over 12 million pot roses per year. The primary objective is to produce high quality plants", explains Wilhelm-Alexander Kordes, Managing Director of W. Kordes Söhne.

Kordes is specialized in breeding and rose production for over 130 years and family owned in its 5th generation. The Germans are offering cut-, garden- and pot rose genetics and their assortment is known as the most complete in the world. Besides in Denmark, Kordes pot roses are produced successfully by specialized greenhouse growers worldwide, in such countries like the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and South Africa.

Kordes' and Rosa Danica's collaboration in research and development has resulted in a wide range of varieties and collections. "Our aim is that they fit into all demands that producers, distributors and consumers can think of. And I think our current varieties do", says Kordes.

The latest release of Rosa Danica and Kordes is 1rose. This novelty looks like a one stem cut rose, but it is a pot rose breeding. "Ideally suitable to decorate your home, as a gift for an exceptional person or for special occasions."

So far red, lime and pink varieties are available and offered all year. More colors are already in the trials of the Kordes breeding department, so this group will receive new members in the coming years. "The root system supplies all the water and nutrition needed and leads into a shelf life of 4-6 weeks. The large flower of 8-10 cm in diameter combined with the outstanding shelf life makes the 1rose unique", explains Kordes.

1rose is always delivered in an EasyWater pot developed by Rosa Danica. "This system can easily extend the shelf life of the rose and guarantees an appropriate watering and supply of nutrients." 

"From the brand new 1rose to established collections like Kordana Classic, Kordana Grande, Fantasia and RosAroma we are confident that Kordes' and Rosa Danica's roses can win the heart of floral connoisseurs everywhere", says Kordes.

For more information:
Kordes Roses
Rosa Danica

Publication date: 5/4/2018
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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