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Preview FlowerTrials #3

In less than two weeks, the FlowerTrials will take off. At this event, no less than 60 breeding companies will present their newest varieties in pot- and bedding plants, as well as the latest innovations and concepts. At 32 locations, spread across three regions (Aalsmeer and the Westland region in the Netherlands, and Rhineland-Westfalen in Germany), the event will take place from June 12-15 and can be visited daily from 08:00 till 18:00 (Friday till 16:00).

Leading up to the event, we are presenting a highlight of each participating company in a series of four articles. This third edition will highlight the novelties of a part of the companies in the Aalsmeer region and a part of the companies in the Westland region. In the Aalsmeer region, MNP Flowers, Morel Diffusion, PanAmerican Seed, Roses Forever, Royal Van Zanten, Royal Van Zanten, Thompson and Morgan and Volmary are highlighted. In the Westland Region, the novelties of the following companies are highlighted: Anthua, Armada Young Plants, Beekenkamp Plants, BOCK Bio Science, Brandkamp, Butterfly Garden, DHMI, Dümmen Orange, Florensis and Gediflora. 

Aalsmeer region

MNP Flowers - Sundaville MiMi Red
Since 1989, MNP flowers manages the European rights and is master licensee for all (future) products from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. One of the novelties that will be on display during the FlowerTrials is their super early blooming Mandevilla Sundaville MiMi Red which is very suitable for small pots. According to MNP flowers this new variety is the world champion of early flowering. "We've never seen a Mandevilla bloom earlier, bringing Sundaville varieties to a completely new market." This new variety can be grown without support into a compact flowering pot plant (12 cm pots). Because of its extreme earliness, MiMi Red is ready at the perfect moment for bedding plant sales. The medium size flowers have an intense classic red colour with a yellow heart.

Morel Diffusion - Indaka
This year, French cyclamen breeder Morel Diffusion created a new cyclamen Indiaka. It is a heat resistant cyclamen with intense colour. "Discover our new ‘made in France’ bicolour Cyclamen variety."
According to More, one recognises it by the extraordinary contrast between the petals’ white base and the vibrant colour at the tip of the flower. "The Indiaka will captivate you by their original contrast of their colours and flowers: petals cut in two horizontally with white and vibrant stripes." It is said to be easy to care for, exceptionally hardy outdoors, and one of the most beautiful colourful flowers in autumn.

PanAmerican Seed - Plug & Play Combos
PanAmerican Seed is a breeder of seed-raised annuals, biennials, perennials and speciality cut-flowers and this season, they are excited to offer the first ever cool season combos to feature Cool Wave Pansies. "Furthermore, we have answered the big demand for heat lovers by providing all new warm season combos perfect for summer."

Roses Forever - Infinity
Danish rose breeding company Roses forever breeds pot roses, garden roses and cut roses. In the pot roses assortment, they have the series Roses Forever, I am Different and Infinity. The latter (on the picture), the Infinity series is characterized by uniform plants with extravagant roses, that have a long durability (+5 weeks indoor), thick dark green leaves that prevent the plant from drying out quickly, big flowers with a diameter of 7 cm.

Royal Van Zanten - Amadore red
The Amadore series from Royal Van Zanten is now available in six colours. Amadore varieties are suitable for cultivation with or without blackout. Multiflora chrysanthemum Amadore Red is their newest introduction with an intense, deep red flower and a spherical habit. On top of that, it is suitable for outdoor and indoor production. 

Takii Europe B.V. - BEGONIA semperflorens ‘Fiona Red’ F1
Takii Europe B.V. is a seed company engaged in the breeding, production, processing and sales & marketing of a wide range of flower and vegetable varieties for professional growers. During the FlowerTrials, their Fiona Red will get a special spot. This gold medal winning (2019) annual is a early flowering, self-cleaning semi double type. It has non-fading upright flowers throughout the season, vibrant coloured flowers and is usable as patio and bedding plant. It is suitable for >9cm pot sizes. 

Thompson and Morgan - Helianthus 'Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl'
It's taken 8 long years for the breeding team of the British company Thompson and Morgan to perfect Sunflower 'SunBelievable Brown Eyed Girl'. The vision has become a reality; here's a sunflower for beds and containers that will produce 1,000 flowers over a season. This brand new hybrid is sterile so it puts all its energy into flowering rather than setting seed. It's super easy to grow and will bounce right back if you forget to water it. Bees love this sunflower too. Height and Spread: 60cm (24")

Volmary GmbH - Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy Amber Stripe'
German breeder and propagator Volmary will present, among others, Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy Amber Stripe', a novelty with striped flowers in amber colours. According to Volmary, it is very floriferous, has strong growth and healthy, dark green foliage. On top of that, it is early flowering and very suitable for large pyramids and baskets. 

Anthura - Alaska
Orchid and Anthurium breeder and producer Anthura will present their selection of promising novelties in their showroom. One of these promising novelties includes Alaska. Alaska is a 'cool' Anthurium with large snow white flowers. The plant also performs surprisingly well under prolonged warm conditions.

Armada Young Plants B.V. - Dianthus Dianturi Twinkle
Armada Young Plants B.V. is breeder and propagator of cut flowers, pot plants and perennials. Dianturi Twinkle is one of their novelties that will be on display during the FlowerTrials. It is a rich flowering garden plant which is very suitable for gardens, borders, pots and dishes. Dianturi Twinkle flowers several times per year and produces bright pink flowers with a great fragrance. It is winter hardy until -15 degrees Celsius and is a good product for city parks and streets. According to Armada, Dianturi Twinkle requires little maintenance, is not sensitive for pests and diseases and gives a happy feeling with its bright colour.

Beekenkamp Plants BV - DREAMS
Breeder and propagator of pot- and garden plants Beekenkamp Plants is making colors of dreams reality. Begonias are a trend and the DREAMS concept is the tool to help one to position this diverse product with a simple and clear message. From producer to end consumer, each tailored specifically to their needs. "Making you and your customer happy and successful with Begonias."

BOCK Bio Science GmbH - Hellebore
German breeder and in-vitro propagator of phalaenopses and hellebore, called BOCK Bio Science, will showcase - next to a large range of phalaenopsis - several hellebore varieties. Bock hellebore clones offer a uniform, fast growing culture with 6-9 months cultivation time and an early flower. The assortment consists of pure white, rose and red varieties for a range of pot sizes from 6-18cm. Besides that, their young plants can be ordered for delivery year round. 

Brandkamp - Tropic Lantana Bamboo
The German breeder and propagator Brandkamp will have several novelties on display this year. Next to the novelties in the Jollies series, also two varieties will be added to the Tropic Lantana series. One of the novelties in this latter series is Tropic Lantana Bamboo. This lantana has clear yellow, larger flowers. And like all Tropic Lantanas, Bamboo has compact growth and a lot of shoots. Bamboo is good to use for all pot sizes from small (11 cm pot) to big (17 cm pot). 

Butterfly Garden - Lavandula angustifolia 'Endless Joy®'
The Lavendula angustifolia of Danish breeder Butterly Garden is first year flowering (with no need for vernalization). On top of that, it is a hardy, very compact, uniform plant with a long flowering time with many branches and a lots of large deep-blue flowers.

D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes - DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' Lanmassachusetts
DHMI is one of the leading breeding companies in Mandevilla Diamantina and Hibiscus Hollywood. The Tourmaline segment of the Diamantina series comprises non-vining mandevilla type varieties. Presented for the first time at IPM Essen this year, Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’ is the latest introduction with extra large flowers and leaves. "The compact plant habit is stunning and makes this variety suitable for ‘ready to use’ decor garden use." Flowers are a shade of pink and rose splashes of colors. They open widely and last many days. 15cm pot size is required as a minimum to properly grow Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’. Pass by our DHMI booth at Green05 to discover this new outstanding Diamantina Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' variety and take as many pictures as you want!

Dümmen Orange - Rainbow Circus
Circus is a new bicoloured variety of Dümmen Orange and with its red and yellow flowers which is a great addition to their Rainbow series. This series is grower-friendly due to the fit in assortments and easy-to-sell due to its green flower centers. On top of that, it has strong colour retention across all seasons and creates a vivid contrast between the colours. "It’s no surprise we named this series Rainbow - like sunshine after rain, this series certainly brightens up your day. This single-flower series is characterized by the stunningly beautiful bicolour effect wrapped around a fresh green center. Definitely the most passionate Pot Mum around."

Florensis - Begonia Squad
Florensis is specialized in the breeding and propagation of annuals, pot plants, primula, pansies, perennials and cut flowers. One of their novelties that will be on display this year is Begonia Squad, according to Florensis, the solutions for all your Begonia needs. "There may be as many as 1500 named Begonia species worldwide ….the number of varieties is anybody’s guess. Deciding on the right mix for production and retail can overwhelm even the most experienced grower. Florensis offers a streamlined selection with the best genetics for greenhouse-to-garden performance. Begonia Squad gives a clear overview on outstanding features, habit and vigour, optimal production format, colour range and propagation type."

Gediflora - Dazzling Aduros 
At the FlowerTrials, Gediflora will present some new features in the Belgian Mum range. The mums that they are releasing this year are ‘Dazzling Aduro’, ‘Magnetic Amiko’ and ‘Adorable Arluno’. The Dazzling Aduros radiate heat and provide a stripe of color both indoors and outdoors. Due to the long shelf life, you can enjoy this Belgian Mum up to six weeks.

Curious what more will be on display? Pay a visit to the FlowerTrials website

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