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Preview FlowerTrials #4

Next week the FlowerTrials will take off. At this event, no less than 60 breeding companies will present their newest varieties in pot- and bedding plants, as well as the latest innovations and concepts. At 32 locations, spread across three regions (Aalsmeer and the Westland region in the Netherlands, and Rhineland-Westfalen in Germany), the event will take place from June 12-15 and can be visited daily from 08:00 till 18:00 (Friday till 16:00).

Leading up to the event, we are presenting a highlight of each participating company in a series of four articles. This last edition will highlight the novelties of the companies in the Westland region.

In the Westland Region, the novelties of the following companies are highlighted:
Endisch, Green Works, Hendriks, Jonge Planten Grünewald, KP Holland, Lily Looks, P vd Haak, Prudac, Queen Genetics, Sakata, Schneider, Schoneveld Breeding, Selecta, Sion, Syngenta, Van den Bos, Varinova and VWS Flowerbulbs.

Endisch - Big Peltatum
In addition to the well-known, double, semi-trailing varieties, we offer with the Big 5 series yet another variant of double-bloomed ivy-leaved geraniums. Big 5 Malva, Big 5 Neon Pink India, Big 5 Red Devil, Big 5 Soft Rose and Big 5 White Angel complement each other to provide a complete color palette of vigorous ivy-leaved geraniums. With our Big5 series, splendid cascades of double blooms appear continuously throughout the entire summer.

Green Works - CannaSol™ Happy Wilma
CannaSol plants are excellent for every garden or patio. This compact series has a long blooming time and produces large, self-cleaning flowers. CannaSol is available in many beautiful colours. There are varieties with green leaves and with dark leaves. This collection is propagated by tissue culture and free of viruses. The flowering period starts at the end of May and the flowering continues till frost. We have CannaSol tubers too, available in size nr. 1 and nr. 2.

Hendriks - Bella Fuchsia
Bella Fuchsia varieties have a compact growth and begin blooming very early in the season. The blooms of these varieties have outward and upward facing flowers, meaning no more hidden blooms.

Jonge Planten Grünewald - Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy' Beetractive
You say Thunbergia and actually mean Sunny Susy – not without any reason Sunny Susy is market leader in the Thunbergia market. Last year we introduced three more varieties successfully, which are completing our commercial assortment with 9 varieties.

KP Holland - Curcuma
KP Holland is the Curcuma specialist. Typical of the Curcuma are its very large extravagant flowers and impressive colors. The roots of this plant are the source of turmeric which is used for culinary purposes. Research has demonstrated the beneficial properties of this spice. The Siam™ Curcuma series is composed of unique colourful products which can be planted in many pot sizes. Also available is a distinctive range of Curcuma varieties used for cut flower production. KP Holland has many compact varieties available for smaller pot sizes.

Lily Looks - Tiny Series
The Tiny Series consists of genetically compact Asiatic varieties (around 35-40cm high) especially developed and tested for the potted plant culture. Characteristics are: Clear flower colors, full green plants with a compact habit. The Tiny series is also very suitable for outside use.

P vd Haak - Toscana® Villetta
The market is experiencing an increase in the demand for this single flowered peltatum with its stunning large flowers and vibrant colours. The long well-branched shoots give an effective trailing display. The varieties are well-known for excellent garden performance under all weather conditions, and make a terrific impact for baskets and window boxes.

Prudac - Tomato Ponchi - Mi F1
The Ponchi series. A compact type in our F1 hybrid product portfolio. Sweet cocktail tomatoes combined in a range of plant sizes for the professional grower and consumer. A unique design, with visible fruits on top, combined with deep green leafs, in various plant sizes, suitable for small pots.

This introduction is "Ponchi-Mi F1". A small fruited type with a soft skin and bright red colour. The green sepals give the fruit an excellent contrast. "Ponchi-Mi F1" has an excellent vigour and produces indoor and outdoor a good crop. The fruit is juicy with a superior sweet content. ™"Ponchi-Mi F1" can be used as snack, for decoration in soups and salads or to decorate your dish as a professional chef.

Queen Genetics - Queen® Romantic Roses (new)
Queen Genetics surprises the industry by setting new quality standards in Rose breeding. The carefully selected 'Queen Romantic Roses' series made its debut at this year’s IPM exhibition, in Essen, were it was introduced at the fair's opening ceremony.

Sakata - Petchoa BeautiCal
The new generation for the pot and patio! Petchoa ‘BeautiCal’ has a more mounded habit than SuperCal® and larger flowers, making it the ideal choice for the pot and patio segment. BeautiCal’s large, weather and disease resistant plants recover from rain much faster than standard Petunias, and the exceptional colours will be an absolute WOW on retail benches. A combination of the best features of Petunia and Calibrachoa, BeautiCal is set to be the New Beauty Standard for patios, terraces and balconies.

Schneider - Petunia Stars** Cool White-Blue
With an abundance of heart-shapes decorating every flower, it is a brand new variety on the market and it has been added also to our assortment in 2018.
With its long-lasting flowering period and a strong and uniform semi-trailing habit, it is a true novelty and a fabulous choice for every pot, basket or mixed container, bringing true affection and friendship into your world and filling your garden with love.

Schoneveld Breeding - Primula Perola
Primula Perola is a Primula polyanthus and is new in the range this year.
This long-stemmed Primula is characterised by its exceptionally strong stems which prolong the flower life.

Selecta one (NL) - Dianthus Peach Party
The new mini carnation Peach Party with its apricot-coloured sea of flowers provides party-mood at home. Peach Party is a compact growing pot carnation variety with a lot of peach coloured flowers blooming above the leaves. In spring, this variety with the unique play of colours features a highly attractive, apricot-coloured bloom, which is the perfect complement to the trend for pastel hues. In summer, the variety develops a vivid red eye, creating a glorious contrast between the dark centre of the flower and its lighter-coloured edge. The variety has single, numerous flowers, and is hardy and suitable for any pot size.

Sion - Romanion
A fantastic new addition to our collection. Its intense purple colour combined with a unique striped pattern make Romanion a truly stunning variety. Another distinctive feature is its rich branching that displays a perfect arrangement of flowers.

Syngenta - Anthirrhinum Snaptini: the early riser
New in 2018 is our improved dwarf Snapdragon Series Anthirrhinum majus Snaptini. This compact, well-branched and early flowering gem, which replaces Montego, comes in nine colours. Ranging from vibrant yellow all the way to a sumptuous burgundy bicolour, Snaptini is also very uniform within each colour and across the series. Just one reason why it is the ideal compact snapdragon, looking stunning grown in high density, whether in packs on shelves or in small pots.

Van den Bos - Fragrant Sunburst
Fragrant Sunburst® is the name given to the first pot freesia in the Lovely series. This genetically compact variety produces beautiful, delightfully scented golden-yellow flowers. In coming years, the Lovely series will include more of these similarly compact pot varieties in a range of colours. Fragrant Sunburst® is characterised by its long, elegantly shaped spike like racemes bearing large flowers with the familiar subtle freesia fragrance. The cultivation period from planting to flowering is 12 weeks.

Varinova - Merita Shine Red
Merita is the new intermediate F1 Cyclamen.
The series has a compact shape with firm flower stems, a fine marbled leaf type and abundant flowering. Because of its uniform and compact growth Merita is easy to cultivate and to sell.

VWS Flowerbulbs - Exclusive Pot Calla/Zantedeschia
VWS is proud to present you a (semi) exclusive range of new Pot Calla varieties, in addition to our great amount of existing varieties. New colours, characteristics and possibilities are available for this growing market. In comparison with other flowering pot varieties, you are able to enjoy a flowering plant up to 6 weeks. Take your time and have a look at the possibilities.

Curious what more will be on display? Pay a visit to the FlowerTrials website

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