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Hilverda De Boer 'exporter of the month' at Parfum Flower Company

NL: Getting people excited about fragrant roses

Hilverda De Boer is the new 'exporter of the month' at Parfum Flower Company. Thanks to several successful campaigns, they succeeded in introducing the fragrant rose to many of their customers. Recently Johan Kloos from Parfum Flower Company presented a beautiful bouquet of fragrant roses and a nice bottle of champagne to the rose buyer of Hilverda De Boer, Dick-Jan van Delft. And Hilverda De Boer was declared 'Exporter of the Month June 2018'.

Johan Kloos from Parfum Flower Company (left) is standing with a happy Dick-Jan van Delft from Hilverda De Boer who just received a beautiful bouquet of fragrant roses and a bottle of champagne.

"We are very happy with a customer like Hilverda De Boer. They really think along with us", says Johan Kloos, account manager of Parfum Flower Company." Last month, Hilverda spent a lot of effort getting their customers excited about trying out fragrant roses. Together with both our marketing departments, we succeeded in not only introducing fragrant roses, but also generating real revenue for both of us."

Like & win
In addition to two 'like & win' promotions on Facebook - one in the United States and one in Norway - Hilverda De Boer also sent a special offer to all its customers, who could then register in advance. A good number of extra shipments of fragrant roses were sent all over the world. "We ship our flowers to more than 50 different countries. About 30 were sent the special fragrant roses and garden roses from Parfum Flower Company," says Dick-Jan van Hilverda De Boer. "To China, Greece, Spain, you name it. They are often all small orders, for weddings or other events. Now that we have done this promotion, I notice that these special roses have again grabbed the attention of many of our customers. It is nice to work together with Johan and this nice gesture also encourages me to work in a more customer-oriented way."

User Manual
Dick-Jan van Delft says: "Even though they are not easy roses, I hear from our sales people that most customers have responded positively. Sending fragrant roses to florists, which they don't normally use, is always a bit tricky. Sometimes these roses don't look like the typical Dutch roses grown in a greenhouse. Sometimes you get some damage on the flyleaf, sometimes stems aren't as sturdy; these roses really come with a user manual. But if you follow the instructions, they become really beautiful!"

Johan: "Fortunately, we prepared for this with clear instructions and most of them responded positively and even sent photos and videos of how big and beautiful the roses became. In short, it was a successful campaign."

In recent years Parfum Flower Company primarily made its name with David Austin cut roses. These are classic, full English garden roses that are mainly used for weddings and events. "The scented roses that we sent with Hilverda De Boer are slightly different in terms of form, and especially in terms of scent. They generally smell more. In addition to bridal work, these roses are also sold to better florists as a single flower, or in a bouquet," says Johan Kloos. "One's sense of smell is a special sense. It captures memories better than touch, sight and taste. The wonderful smell of our roses in your bridal bouquet - or just at home in a vase - is something I think the market is really open to."

For more information visit the website of Hilverda De Boer: and of Parfum Flower Company:

Parfum Flower Company

Flora Holland Aalsmeer (Zuid)
Magnolia 1
1424 LA De Kwakel
T: 31 (0297) 361 006

Hilverda De Boer
1430 AC Aalsmeer
T: +31 (0)297 332 500
F: +31 (0)297 332 900


Publication date: 7/11/2018



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