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Weight, drain and real time plant activity analysis become grower's sixth sense

In this digital era, greenhouse growers sometimes spend more time at their computer or smartphone than getting their hands dirty between the crops. But this does not mean that the grower has to have less interaction with his crops. Solutions like wireless measurement boxes, and more recently complete plant weighing and evaporation analysis systems have given growers a sixth and seventh sense to optimize their production even more.

One of these systems is the Trutina from Gremon, a spin-off project of a Hungarian University that was researching the opportunities of analyzing plant growth with remote technology.

They developed a smart weighing system which measures the growth of the plant and the weight of the crop and substrate. Together with information on irrigation and drainage output, the system is able to calculate real time plant activity and provide accurate climate and irrigation strategy advice in order to optimize growth and yield.

The system is a real time solution which measures plant weight and based on this it calculates very precisely the actual drain. You can see the water uptake speed of the crop and analyze real time plant activity based on the information the system gets every 5 seconds. This data is sent to a cloud based software that will then figure out the relations within mathematical models. These models are able to show for example the relations between biomass production and water uptake speed or the relation between the actual available light inside the greenhouse and its actual crop growth.

The first commercial version of their Trutina system was adopted by leading Eastern European growers like Mularski, Vegapol, Botoma Group and many more. As a result of the positive impact, Gremon scooped the first prize during the award show of the Polish TSW Tradeshow, one of the largest events for the Polish fruit and vegetable industry, which was held on January 11 & 12 in Warsaw. Gremon scooped the award for the most innovative and beneficial solution for commercial gardening, the Prof. Pieniazek's Prize.

Gremon's support apps are available on PC, Mac, tablets and Android or iPhone cellphones.

"The aim of the competition was to promote and reward products, machines and services used in orchard or vegetable production", explained János Lóczi of Gremon Systems. "Our system met the requirements of the competition; it is innovative, environmentally friendly and significantly supports the horticultural production, improving the work, affecting the improving of economic performance of horticultural farming. We are very proud about this award. Especially since this was our very first entry for such a competition and challenge. We are now even more sure that Trutina is an unique and innovative product which has the potential to obtain a significant market position, worldwide.”

Click here to read more about the Trutina system in a previous article on


Publication date: 2/3/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs



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