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Fresh Pod

"Flowers and plants keep fresh 30% longer"

Willem Geleijn, LogiFlora: "Fresh Pod can be used in a variety of ways to keep fresh products such as vegetables, flowers, and plants fresh for a longer time and to prevent unnecessary waste. Every supplier can contribute, by sprinkling Fresh Pod, to the reduction of waste, and the consumer can enjoy his or.....

UK: Improve biocontrol of black vine weevil with mushroom compost

The Plant Health Coordinator at Wyevale Nurseries has contributed to a study published in a leading scientific journal. Kyle Ross, who works at Wyevale Nurseries, studied for his BSc in Horticulture at Worcester University in 2015 and contributed to a study aimed to improve biocontrol of black vine weevil......

Florentaise hires Kenneth Laming as export manager

With this international growth, reaching 5 619 k€ in 2017 (+ 53%), and 6 factories abroad representing 47% of its sales volumes, Florentaise continues to increase its export team to promote raw materials, 100% renewable, to European substrates manufacturers.On 19th March, Kenneth Laming joined the.....

Mineral nutrition of phalaenopsis, with focus on nitrogen

If you missed Cornell University's recent Horticulture Section seminar, Mineral Nutrition of Phalaenopsis, with focus on nitrogen with Alex Chang, National Taiwan University, it is available online. You can watch the video below.Source: Cornell University

Video: Properly applying Controlled-Release Fertilizer

Controlled-release fertilizers (CRF) are granulated fertilizers that are coated with a resin, wax, sulfur, or polymer that prevents the nutrients it contains from being immediately available to the plant. Therefore, the nutrients are released over an extended period depending on the release rate and.....

What is sphagnum peat moss and where does it come from?

When you see a picture of a harvested Canadian peat bog, it looks like any other field that is made up of mineral soil. Actually, the tan-brown peat moss that makes up the field is an accumulation of sphagnum moss plant residues; there is no mineral soil in a peat bog. Peat moss is used by professionals and.....

Video: Grow a better plant in smaller containers

If you’re experiencing variable growth in plants grown in smaller containers due to the inconsistency that may occur when incorporating regular sized controlled release fertilizers into the media, then Nelson Gonzalez has got the solution for you:For more information:ICL GroupEpsilon House, West Road,.....

N is for Plant Health

Nitrogen (N) form affects medium pH and root-disease incidence. In a new e-Gro Alert, Rosa E. Raudales and Juan C. Cabrera discuss the chemical properties of N and how we can use it to manage medium - pH and prevent root diseases. Plants take up nitrogen at a larger quantity than any other mineral element......

Video: Why growing media contain 2 lime sources

The two most common forms of limestone incorporated into PRO-MIX growing media are calcitic and dolomitic limestone. They use a combination of both forms: dolomitic and calcitic limestone create a more even and consistent growing medium pH.Horticulture Specialist Troy Buechel explains the 2 different forms.....