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"Watch out with low phosphorus fertilization"

The importance of phosphorus in horticulture has changed throughout the years. Prior to the use of soilless media, field soil was used to grow potted plants. Phosphorus application rates were high because phosphorus becomes immobile in soil as it easily binds to the cation exchange sites on soil particles.....

Dosatron offers free fertilizer to garden center customers

Dosatron International introduces the Free Fertilizer Panel for Garden Centers.“Offering free fertilizer to customers at a garden center is a great way to increase customer traffic,” explains Lela Kelly, Dosatron’s Vice President, and Horticulture Specialist. “It’s easy to set up with Dosatron’s Free.....

"Your roses deserve good food onboard"

VIDEO It is Valentine's Day and the majority of the roses have probably traveled many miles to be on time at the flower shop. In this less than two-minute video below, UFO Supplies shows the journey of red roses from Quito, Ecuador, to the FloraHolland auction in the Netherlands, ending up in a flower shop in.....

Post-planting tips to minimize root diseases

It is important to ensure that the growing environment for any crop is as free of pathogens as possible. It is a good start to sanitize greenhouses or the nursery and make sure the environment does not support pathogen growth. Once a crop has been planted, there are additional techniques that can be used to.....

Olij Breeding Ecuador adopts Earth Alive Soil Activator

Earth Alive Clean Technologies, a Canadian Clean-Tech company, developer and manufacturer of microbial technology-based products for sustainable agriculture and mining, reports that Olij Breeding Ecuador has adopted the company’s microbial biofertilzer, Soil Activator, as part of their core rose production.....

Relationship between fertility extremes and growing medium pH

The pH of a growing medium increases or decreases depending on the fertilizer used, the crop grown, and the water alkalinity. However, pH change is usually gradual. When fertility levels in the growing medium are either very low or excessive, the pH of the growing medium can change rapidly. When the.....

UNH research:

Microbial traits, not plants, determine abundance of soil organic matter

Healthy soil is rich in organic matter, but scientists have yet to fully understand exactly how that organic matter is formed. Now a team of University of New Hampshire scientists have uncovered evidence that microbial pathways – not plants – are the chief originator of the organic matter found in stable.....

Effect of plant species, fertilizer on soilless root substrate pH

The objective of this study was to determine how plant species, fertilizer potential acidity/basicity rating (PABR), and fertilizer concentration affect root substrate pH. Three experiments were conducted.In the first experiment, 13 herbaceous species were grown in a root substrate of three sphagnum.....