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Tom de Beer, Verhagen Leiden:

NL: "No more pushing, dragging or sweeping thanks to automation"

It is clear that the internet has changed our lives and this development will go even further. The Internet of Things is about to take off and companies are preparing to adapt their organization in light of this. At Verhagen Leiden, this is one of the tasks they're facing. Tom de Beer, Operations Manager at.....

Grower opts for Bercomex RoseMatic

Kenya: P.J. Dave Flowers invests in grading quality

The need for increased automation and professionalism in flower processing flows grows worldwide. This trend is also seen in Kenya, where rose farm P.J. Dave Flowers Ltd. will be grading their Rhodos roses using a Bercomex RoseMatic. This rose grading machine meets the processing requirements of P.J. Dave.....


"90% of crop protection products removed from water by oxidation"

Emission and purification of crop protection products has received a lot of attention in recent years. The regulations increasingly restrict the entrepreneur, and high emissions could further limit the product range in the future.To solve this issue, in 2014, Dutch company CleanLight developed a water.....

NL: Technical developments in cultivation table systems

For about ten years, the technique of forcing tulips has been developed quite well. At KG Systems, they know everything about it. Bernardo Greeve: "We were the first to introduce the possibility of forcing tulips in a multi-layer system, and now it's even possible for up to 10 layers."In such a system, the.....

Video: Tulips from bulb to flower

In a new video, one of Codema’s many sustainable solutions is brought to light. The video shows the entire growing process of a tulip, from the beginning till the end. With the use of Codema’s custom-made solutions, Rainbow Colors is now able to produce more efficiently, reliably, flexibly and inexpensively.....

NL: More flexible deleafing with new processing line

Tulips, Stocks, Trachelium and other summer flowers are grown at nursery ’t Molentje in Monster. Besides Tulips, Stocks are also processed with the Quality Buncher Pro ’17.Due to the addition of the CRP Stripper, all stems are deleafed one by one. “The processing of multiple colors after each other in a.....

Hortimat installs 6 new bouquet processing lines:

NL: 4,000 bouquets per hour

Recently, a flower processing company in Aalsmeer received six 'almost' brand new bouquet processing lines. Almost brand new, because Hortimat included used bunch machines in the processing lines.Extended lines are mounted on the frames. The length of the supplied lines ranges between 21 and 23 meters. The.....

Video: Tulip processing with debulbing machines

VIDEO Dutch company Van der Peet Bloembollenbedrijf at Berkhout grows tulips and peonies. With a completely new system from Potveer which includes harvesting belts, a Debulbing Machine Pro and the Quality Buncher Pro '17 the flowers are being processed. Below you can see the video of the complete system that.....

NL: Students get acquainted with flower processing systems

Technical Business Management students of Hogeschool Inholland had the opportunity to get to know Bercomex during the Mix & Match event. The students displayed a keen interest in traineeships and graduation assignments at Bercomex.Students looking for traineeships or graduation assignments in.....