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JFTV Presents “Wetter is Better” Gerbera Daisies in Cards

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors presents “Wetter is Better” Gerbera Daisies in cards. This innovative packaging is intended to keep gerbera daisies standing upright and protected while they’re hydrating in water for maximum support. Each bunch has 10 stems, that can easily be re-sold for retail purposes. In a.....

Dutch grower Maurtits v/d Arend on cooperation with Pöppelmann TEKU

"More colour - more sales"

Maurits van den Arend established the Patio Plants garden centre together with his good friend Martijn Los in 2003. The pair were sitting down enjoying a beer and contemplating their future. Suddenly they came up with the idea of setting up their own “small” company for bedding and balcony plants. They.....

US: Extended shelf life for Actinovate biological fungicides

Mycorrhizal Applications announced a new development in the packaging technology for Actinovate SP and Actinovate Lawn & Garden 18 oz. Biological Fungicide packages. Effective September 1, 2017, the Actinovate brand horticulture products now provide a one-year shelf life for all 18 oz. packages. This.....

Harmen Spek, Plastic Soup Foundation:

"Single-use plant tray is huge environmental problem"

"The consumer ultimately pays more for single use trays than for multiple use and more durable plant trays. Royal FloraHolland (RFH), however, delays the transition to the multi-purpose tray. One reason is the open calculation model of the Normpack trays that this Dutch auction is using. Research shows that.....