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Pot plants

Mystique, a mysterious newcomer

A mysterious newcomer in the pot Anthurium assortment. This double-coloured pot Anthurium has an appropriate name. The variety has something mysterious about it, and this is mainly thanks to its flowers.If you observe the plant closely, you will notice that each flower has a different appearance. The colour.....

Gerben van Giessen, Butterfly Orchids:

"30%-40% of all our plants leave the company with Undrcover"

Gerben van Giessen has been growing Phalaenopsis since 2008 under the name Butterfly Orchids. The company is situated in the Dutch town of Andel and on its 34,000 m² facility more than 2 million Phalaenopsis are produced every year for the European sales market. In 2015, Butterfly Orchids introduced the.....

Transplant shock can be minimized with better fit plant holes

Ellepot introduces a new driller machine to further enhance the use of the Ellepot system. The machine is designed to drill a perfect-fit transplanting hole in conventional pots, loose filled trays or other larger ellepots. By doing so, root damage is minimized and the plant experiences a reduced.....

Growing petunias for strong retail performance

VIDEO This webinar features PanAmerican Seed and James E. Faust of Clemson University. Clemson's latest petunia research shows how to grow the best petunias to get strong retail performance.For more information PanAmerican

Kazuta Aoyama of Kaneya

'A pot is more than just decoration'

Selling your plant in a decorative pot. It is not only an established trend among growers, it is also more often required by the retailers. "In the US, for example, selling your plants through a big box store becomes increasingly popular. In this concept of selling, the grower has to take care of everything.....

Portuguese coworking space features 1,000 plants

Adding green plants to offices not only enlivens what might otherwise be dull and sterile spaces, but has also been proven to increase productivity, lowing stress and improving morale. Spanish firm SelgasCano (previously) obviously got the memo, sprucing up this new, open-plan co-working space in Lisbon,.....

Royal Van Zanten's new Pot Chrysanthemum novelty

Baptism of Fireworks

Monday morning January 30th, a large enthusiastic group of interested people attended the presentation and baptism of the new pot Chrysanthemum variety “Fireworks”. Everyone was welcomed by Lisanne Fabriek (Marketer pot products) and Bert Koeze (Commercial Manager) who spoke to the attendees and introduced.....

Israel: Aviv presents new breed of Anemone - The FullStars

Bred by Yodfat Flower Bulbs and Sold by Aviv, "Harmonie" a new breed of Anemone is making its way to market this week.The FullStars are available in four colors: ' Deep Blue', ' Bright Rose', ' Pure White' and 'Glory Red' and are different from other anemone groups in a combination of tall stem and full.....

February 7-8, Boskoop

NL: Houseplants on show at Groen-Direkt

Groen-Direkt will introduce Houseplants at the upcoming Spring Fair (February 7/8th). This is the launch of its houseplant module with a wide selection of indoor plants.Orders can then be placed at the fair itself via the special fair app, and via the website at any other time of the year.The full range can.....

Arthur Zwinkels, Fikona, about sustainability

"The ficus stands out when it comes to filtering air"

At Waterdrinker’s Cash & Carry, in the past couple of weeks the spotlight has been on several growers that contribute to a sustainable and healthy world in one way or the other. This resulted in a series of stories including this (last) one: an interview with Arthur Zwinkels of Fikona. Fikona is a.....

Using WaterWick in ebb and flow systems

The Ebb & Flow Growing Pot makes it possible to use the WaterWick concept in an ebb and flow growing system. The Cover Pot has four holes on the bottom which ensure that the pot is filled with water during ‘ebb’, and that the pot has saved enough water during ‘flow’. The WaterWick rope draws water from.....

Steef Gerichhausen, Kwekerij Kamervoort

NL: Energy savings due to climate station on greenhouse roof

Amaryllis cultivation requires both heat and cooling. At the Dutch Kwekerij Kamervoort the heat is provided by a gas boiler with a condenser. The condenser extracts all heat from the boiler’s combustion gases. In the summer cooling is very efficiently handled using a heat pump. This is how Steef Gerichhausen.....

WPS delivery system

Danish grower PKM invests in efficiency, peace of mind

Danish company Gartneriet PKM is one of the market leaders in the production of Campanula and invests in efficiency and peace of mind. PKM focuses on sizeable labor savings, faster response times to market and tranquility in the workplace. In collaboration with WPS a delivery system was designed that meets.....

ISO Group:

Cut, stick and check with the new Cutting & Planting 1800

The ISO Group presented the new Cutting & Planting 1800 at the IPM in Essen from January 24 through January 27. The Cutting & Planting 1800 has already been shown at the GreenTech in Amsterdam and was also nominated for the Greentech Innovation Award, but was further developed and improved last year.....