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Tree nursery

Norway: Norgesplanter opens new tree nursery

Norgesplanter held a grand opening for their new nursery last month, for which Visser has delivered advanced tree nursery automation machines. Norgesplanter focuses on a sustainable future by protecting young trees against the notorious pine weevil by using an innovative waxing method instead of chemical.....

Solution for root girdling helps growers produce healthier trees

Root girdling is a well-known and costly problem in the horticulture industry. It starts during propagation and can’t be reversed as a tree matures. Over time, roots circle the trunk, choking and killing the tree. Tree mortality is a concern for consumers as well. Recently, the City of Edmonton reported that.....

'Everything about steaming' by MSD at IPM Essen

Gaps in effectiveness and increasing resistances of weeds and diseases, but also bans and restrictions of herbicides are increasing the public interest in steaming.Steaming processes can be implemented in all sectors of horticulture, from greenhouses to the open land. As a result, modern and time-saving as.....

Netherlands: Natural form from multistems

Production of multistems continues at Boomkwekerij E. de Jong in Dongen. Here this Dutch grower offers these trees from one stem to three stems planted together. The result is that you get a natural form, especially if they are grown from one stem.These multistems can be the focal point in the garden,.....