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US: Customs intercepts pest in cut flowers

An agriculture specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations at the Veterans International Bridge import cargo lot intercepted a “First in Port” pest in a shipment of eucalyptus branches. “Our CBP agriculture specialists play an important and challenging role in.....

UK: AHDB Horticulture Pest Bulletin returns for 2017

AHDB Horticulture’s popular Pest Bulletin is back for 2017 with new features and early forecasts. Additions to the bulletin this year include using UK and overseas information to predict infestations of diamond-back moth (DBM) and silver Y moth and more effectively. It follows exceptionally high levels of.....

US: Mycorrhizal Applications adds suite of biological plant support products

Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) is proud to announce that it is now the master distributor of a suite of new biological plant support solutions for the professional horticulture, nursery, greenhouse, landscaping, and home gardening markets. These products complement MA's broad range of industry-leading.....

US: How to tackle "Brown Speckle” symptoms due to low pH

On the website of the New England Greenhouse Updat, a reminder can be found on the subject of “Brown Speckle” symptoms due to low pH. "Zonal and seed geraniums, American marigold, and all types of impatiens are susceptible to iron/manganese toxicity, a nutritional disorder associated with low growing medium.....

by Brian E. Whipker & W. Garrett Owen

Torenia: Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV)

Necrotic leaf spot and faint necrotic ringspots were observed on torenia. Further inspection revealed necrotic stem tissue. This Alert will aid in you identifying Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) on torenia. A series of photos provided by this Alert will aid in you identifying this problem on

by Josh Henry and Brian E. Whipker

Lower leaf necrotic spotting in St. John’s Wort

Low substrate pH can lead to symptom development on the lower leaves of sensitive species. On St. John’s Wort, these symptoms included a dark necrotic spotting, marginal bronzing, and tip necrosis in advanced Josh Henry (graduate student in floriculture) and Brian E. Whipker (Professor of.....

US (CO): Center Greenhouse partners with industry to protect pollinators

Center Greenhouse is sensitive to the growing concern over the use of neonicotinoids on plants and its potential impact on the environment. To this end, Center Greenhouse does not use neonicotinoids at any point in their production cycle.Center Greenhouse follows a comprehensive integrated pest management.....

by Joyce Latimer for Fine Americas

Using Configure effectively on spring hosta

Benzyladenine, the active ingredient in Configure (Fine Americas, Inc.) has been used on Hosta for many years and its effectiveness in increasing basal branching is well documented. The fullness of the plant in the pot creates a higher quality plant. However, in the field, there are a few details you’ll want.....

Ralf Koedijker, Glastuinbouwshop:

New crop protection supplier enters Dutch market

With the Glastuinbouwshop, the Dutch market has one more new supplier of crop protection products. The company was founded by Klaas Lusthof, who, from his experience with biocide and material protection products at wholesalerQ-chem, discovered that his suppliers also had products available that were suitable.....

USDA releases annual plant protection report

The USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) has released its 2016 Annual Report, outlining accomplishments from throughout the year.PPQ reports it achieved one of its top 10 goals: eliminating European grapevine moth from the United States. The agency also eradicated 10 fruit fly outbreaks in Texas,.....

New insecticide provides application timing flexibility

Environmental Science, a business unit of the Crop Science division of Bayer, announced that Altus insecticide will be available for purchase through authorized agents beginning May 1, 2017. Altus introduces a new insect management solution to greenhouse growers that controls major sucking pests while.....

by W. Garrett Owen and Brian E. Whipker

Lower leaf purpling in fuchsia

Fuchsia are often produced in hanging baskets to showcase their ornate and intricate flowers. High substrate pH will induce upper leaf interveinal chlorosis. However, an observed, but not reported, reddish-purple interveinal chlorosis occurs on lower leaves as a result of low pH induced micronutrient.....

NZ: Aucklanders urged to keep eyes peeled for new plant disease

Myrtle leaf rust is a serious fungal disease that attacks members of the myrtle family.It could affect native pohutukawa, manuka and rata as well as feijoa and eucalypts, damaging or even killing highly susceptible plants.Where do you find it?“The disease was detected on Kermadec pohutukawa trees on Raoul.....

by Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist, OMAFRA

Using Beleaf (flonicamid) as a drench: benefits and (potential) drawbacks

Given that it’s the season for pest problems like aphids on spring crops, I’d like to remind everyone of an important new pest management tool we have at our Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist, OMAFRAThanks to the hard work of Cary Gates at Flowers Canada Growers, and.....