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UK: Money saving tips for efficient flower farming

Saving money is about saving time and growing more efficiently and also about reducing wastage, reusing and recycling wherever possible.Finding efficiency and low wastage is just as important as purchasing something cheaply. Do a true cost of production exercise include not only seed and plant costs but your.....

US: WNLA announces summer and fall 2017 webinars

WNLA members can participate in 14 upcoming webinars, all provided complimentary to members. These webinars address important topics on management, new plants, native plants and the new WNLA plants with purpose initiative.WNLA members can also view many previously recorded webinars by logging into

Daan Kneppers, Green Works:

Dutch peony season about to break loose

The Dutch peony season is about to start. Stems now entering the market are mostly produced in plastic tunnels and unheated greenhouses, but soon open field production will take off. The video below, produced by Dutch breeding and propagation company Green-Works, shows the crop about to burst into colors.In.....

Chrysal Africa 12 years strong in East Africa

‘Improve the quality of flowers exported out of East Africa.’ This has been the goal of Chrysal since they entered this part of the continent 12 years ago. Since the very beginning, they were exhibiting at the IFTEX, which has helped this company to be one of East Africa's largest suppliers of flower food.....

US: The story behind RocketLiners trays

For years, Van Belle were known in North America for our jumbo-sized ornamental young plants. Their true four inch liner was the engine of growth for finished grower partners over the last decade. Now, that engine got a serious upgrade.This guy standing on a RocketLiner tray to show off its durability is.....

by Christopher J. Currey

Nutrient deficient vegetable and herb bedding plants

Controlling growth of containerized vegetable bedding plants can be a challenge. It is common to make infrequent fertilizer application and/or use low-concentration fertilizer solutions. Though this can help suppress growth of vegetable bedding plants, it can also lead to visual deficiencies. This e-GRO.....

Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting, Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers, and Floriculture Root Zone Management

MSU to launch three new greenhouse courses

Registration is now open for the summer sessions of three self-paced courses in Michigan State University Extension’s Online College of Knowledge greenhouse series: Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting, Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers and Floriculture Root Zone Management. This award-winning.....
July 20, Bransford

UK: Hort Science Live – practical showcase of latest science

Hort Science Live, a new workshop-led event created by ICL and Bayer, will provide hands-on opportunities to interact with leading specialists in growing media, plant nutrition and plant protection.“Run in association with the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), Hort Science Live has been designed to.....

What are the best growing media for outdoor perennials?

When growing outdoor plants, you need a growing medium which drains very well, as it may rain and it could over water your pots. Best solution would be to use a bark-based growing medium as it drains really well and your plant roots won't be overly watered. Coir-based growing media are also a good solution.....

Better use of the sun’s energy by crops

According to Mark Aarts, personal professor at the Laboratory of Genetics of Wageningen University & Research, there is a great deal we can do to improve plant photosynthesis. This seems counterintuitive: after all, most crops appear to be very efficient in this regard. For decades, they have been.....

NL: Improve the production and efficiency of your greenhouse

Delphy Team Education has been training growers, consultants and investors from all over the world increasing their knowledge on how to improve their individual circumstances thus improving production, quality and efficiency of greenhouse productions worldwide.They are offering a wide range of trainings and.....

Jan van Heijst, Plantenkwekerij Vreugdenhil:

"Successful plants need to be 'foolproof'"

For more than ten years, Plantenkwekerij Vreugdenhil has been producing ready-to-pick vegetables in the Netherlands. Not only through cultivation and sales, but breeding as well. "The segment is too small for large seed companies, but big enough to be distinctive with our own breeds," according to Jan van.....

The influence of light, CO2 and temperature on young plant production

M.S. candidate Allison Hurt at Michigan State University is quantifying how light (duration, intensity, and quality), carbon dioxide, and temperature (air temperature and root-zone) influence floriculture and hop young plant production, quality, and subsequent flowering.In northern latitudes, it is not.....

Seminar video

Light matters – Sensing and signaling in plants

If you missed the recent Horticulture Section seminar from Cornell University, titled Light Matters – Sensing and Signaling in Plants, with Tessa Pocock, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, it is available online.Source: Cornell University