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Forever Plants Group (Kwekerij Zwethlande) keeps insects at bay

Growing healthier with insect netting

The worldwide trend of healthier growing does not only apply to food, but to plants as well. Sustainable and responsible cultivation is what matters at the Forever Plants Group. Forever Plants, an innovative family company from the Persoon family, grows plants that make the world more beautiful, greener and.....

Effect of low-frequency electromagnetism on root-knot nematodes

Nematodes. There may be no other creature so omnipresent around us yet so unknown outside of specialist circles. Nathan Augustus Cobb, widely recognized as the “father of nematology” summed up their ubiquity in a 1915 essay: “If all the matter in the universe except the nematodes were swept away, our.....

A sneak peek in an Austrian tulip greenhouse

In the following video, Marco Waibel, from the horticultural company by the same name, talks about the production process of the tulip. The video is in German.

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Mum and Hydrangea Production this Summer

Do you grow hardy mums and hydrangeas outdoors? If so, this blog post is for you! Flowers Canada Ontario, the Soil Resource Group and OMAFRA have collected data about fertilizer and water management in outdoor greenhouse crops over the last few summers, and have some updated production information for.....

Propagating hyacinths in 1896 and today

Daffodils, tulips, and most other bulbs multiply naturally underground by producing offsets or daughter bulbs. Roman hyacinths do, too, but – after centuries of breeding – traditional garden hyacinths multiply so slowly on their own that bulb growers long ago developed ways to speed up the process.The.....

How to color a hydrangea

How to color a hydrangea. Much is known to growers, however coloring one yourself ain't all that easy. The Reactions team, a group of scientists from the American Chemical Society (ACR), published a video demonstrating - by trial and error - how it could be done:Click here for more information on ACR

OptiPlug and Dijk van Dijk perfect the cultivation of hydrangeas

Looking for the perfect plug plant

Cultivation often begins with plug plants, and there is a ton of science involved in creating these little plugs. Every crop has its own ideas about what ideal germination conditions are, but all plants are vulnerable during the initial stage. This is when the root system is created, and in the tiniest plant.....

July 30-August 24

US (FL): Greenhouse online training focuses on weed management

Manage all aspects of weed management in nurseries and greenhouses, including weed identification, developing herbicide programs, and the latest non-chemical methods of weed control that actually work. Weed Management is the fourth course of the Greenhouse Training Online program offered by the University of.....

India: Growers exchange paddies for orchids

Orchid farming is catching up in Telangana’s climatically arid terrain. Spread across Hyderabad, Medak and Sangareddy districts, 30 acres are currently dedicated to orchid farming alone, even though this variety of flowering plant requires a humidity of 80% and temperature of 20 degree Celsius to thrive.Most.....

Daily Light Integral maps for the U.S.

Daily Light Integral (DLI) maps display the ambient light delivered daily during each month of the year across the entire U.S. These maps are unique because DLI is a measurement of light that is particularly valuable for estimating plant growth. Other solar radiation maps created for photovoltaic purposes,.....

"Biosolids prove adequate alternative to conventional fertilizer"

A study out of Mississippi State University has focused on the degree to which biosolids found in sewage and diverted from municipal wastewater treatment facilities can serve as a useful resource for agricultural settings in place of traditional and slow-release fertilizers.Shaun Broderick and Williams Evans.....

NL: Source for brown rot in roses not yet found

The source for brown rot infections in Dutch roses still hasn't been determined. A kinship analysis has been done which showed that the infections probably originate from a single source. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has examined a number of possible sources, but without.....

Emission-free cultivation on a floating system

Floating cultivation (DFT = Deep Flow Technique) is a serious option for emission-free cultivation. In this cultivation technique the plants hang in floating panels, that are floating on a few decimeters deep nutrient solution. Almost the entire root development takes place in the nutrient solution.More.....

India: Assam to make vegetables and flowers centre commercially viable

Looking for steps to make the ‘Centre of Excellence for Vegetables and Flowers’ located in Khetri, near Guwahati (India), self-sustainable, the Assam Government in association with Department of Horticulture and Food Processing, Assam is also planning to make the Centre commercially viable.This was stated in.....