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CAN (ON): "Cap and trade could cost as much as $8,684/ha"

Cap and trade is a hot issue among Ontario's greenhouse growers. What will it cost them? And are there alternatives, apart from moving to another province or even another country altogether? Ecostrat explores the issue in a new white paper:"In 2015, there were more than 223 vegetable and 400 flower.....

Jan VanderHout on Ontario's Cap and Trade:

"We are not making iPhones, but produce basic necessities of life"

A large part of Ontario's greenhouse industry is currently hit hard by the Cap and Trade program that came into effect on January 1. While the program is aimed at fighting climate change and rewards businesses that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, smaller growers who emit less than 10,000 tonnes of Co2.....

Using energy to positively influence the climate

Energy and climate are connected. People all over the world try to control the climate and adjust it so we can benefit the most from it. We control the climate to create a pleasant living environment or to benefit products that require specific conditions.Since the industrial revolution, the increase in.....

Canada: "Controlling energy costs starts with understanding the natural gas bill"

Accountants paying January's natural gas bills may be in for a nasty shock. While the bill itself won't look significantly different, the costs on it will. David Arkell of Canadian energy consultancy firm 360 Energy takes a closer look and explains how to decipher your new energy bills. By David Arkell, 360.....

NL: Geothermal energy has a positive social balance

In 2012/2013 Larissa Gonzalez researched the sustainability of Green Well Westland. Over the past 18 months she has extended this research to all geothermal sources in the Netherlands that were in operation in 2014. This research calculated the average Energetic Payback period of the sources and describes.....

"32% energy savings achievable without problems"

Since October 2016 the research "Maximum utilization of daylight to minimize exposure Phalaenopsis" is ongoing. It is carried out by Plant Lighting. Last year it was demonstrated in climate chambers that a 32% saving on electricity could be achieved without loss of production. The goal of this research is.....

Canada: Ontario to expand natural gas infrastructure

Access to natural gas remains a critical factor for the development of more greenhouse and agricultural operations throughout Ontario. While the greenhouse industry in the Leamington area recently got access to more natural gas via the new Union Gas pipeline project that was approved last year, many other.....