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How the cut flower industry could use AI to grow

The UK flower industry could contribute more to the UK economy if they were better supported and understood by the AI community and other technology Caroline Chibelushi, KTN’s Knowledge Transfer Manager for AIAs a keen gardener myself, the first time I related flowers with AI was in 2012, when I was.....

new name for Quality Buncher Pro

Bercomex adds Flora BunchMaster to stable

The Quality Buncher Pro is the first product from Potveer that has been added to the Bercomex product range. This automatic bunching machine will be marketed by Bercomex under a new product name: The Flora BunchMaster.New operating system based on existing Bercomex software platformThe product features of.....

Little robot looks after plants

Tianqi Sun, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, has created a delightful mod of his robot Hexa which cares for a houseplant when the owner is too forgetful to water it.Hexa is a small crab-like looking robot, which is available to buy for $949 and is designed to give people the chance to experiment with.....

PlantPaper teams up with AgriNomix and Smithers Oasis

With the increased request for PlantPaper's products in the United States, the company decided to forge a North American partnership with AgriNomix and Smithers Oasis.AgriNomix will be handling sales of machine & service on the North American market, and Smithers Oasis will keep on expanding paper and.....

Rolling out two monsters

Javo USA will roll out two new potting machines for the North American market at Cultivate ’18 in Columbus, Ohio.Designed specifically for the large pots used in the North American market, the Javo Ultra is a big potter, and by big, Javo means “huge”. The Ultra can fill pots up to 20 gallons (80 liters) and.....

New paper pot makes sticking easier

A faster and easier sticking of cuttings and an optimal precondition for great air and moisture balance, creating a microclimate for more rapid and uniform root development. According to Ellepot, this is possible with their new technology. helping growers to produce extra loose and soft pots with 10-20%.....

Australia: New heights for horticulturalists

Training to be a horticulturalist, you probably did not expect that one day you may consider gaining an “aviation” certification to care for plants. Some production nurseries are doing just that, using drone-mounted cameras to capture imagery to manage plant count and Gabrielle StannusDrone-mounted.....

JMP Flowers

"During the placement of outdoor screens we've had all types of weather conditions"

At the moment, Huisman is converting 5 hectares of outdoor screens for JMP Flowers in Poland to be in line with the techniques that are also applied in Greentop outdoor screens.The installation of the screens is being executed by supervisors of Huisman and mechanics of JMP. “We have encountered all types of.....