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Dutch Amaryllis grower looking for staff before Christmas peak

A striking ad in the Dutch newspaper last week: wanted 100 workers, for 2 months, for different greenhouses in the Westland region, "for planting and grubbing of bulbs, cutting leaves, harvesting of Amaryllis cut flowers and various other activities."It is a ‘cry of distress’ from Dutch Amaryllis nursery.....

US: Off-shore grown cutting certification pilot launches in October

AmericanHort and the Society of American Florists are collaborating with U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to initiate an offshore certification program for unrooted plant cuttings. A six-month pilot program is expected to be launched on October 1, and will.....

Sri Lanka: Inspection procedures play havoc on perishable shipments

Air Force checks on export shipments introduced during Sri Lanka’s ethnic war, which ended in 2009, are still continuing despite other security measures being removed or reduced, imposing unnecessary difficulties on exporters, according to a study of export competitiveness.Physical inspection procedures at.....

USDA to amend demands for bellflower import from Denmark

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) proposes to amend the plants for planting regulations to allow bellflower (Campanula spp.) plants for planting in approved growing media from Denmark into the United States. The proposed rule would require that.....

NL: Florissant allowed as preservative for Symphoricarpos

From now on, ‘Florissant 520’ and ‘Florissant 500N’ are officially allowed by the Dutch auctions to use as a post-harvest treatment for Symphoricarpos (Snowberry). Growers were already allowed to use it at the farm, but they can now supply with it too. This post harvest treatment ensures better quality.....

Test set-up Hortilux at Agrimarkt

Preventing plants from overstretching in retail

When a plant does not get sufficient light, it goes looking for it. It does this by stretching: a wonderful survival mechanism, but one that causes headaches for many growers, garden centers and supermarkets. This is also the case at Dutch garden center Agrimarkt. "After 1 to 2 weeks, some plants are no.....

Monitoring the cold chain in flower transport

‘Temperature must go down!’ claims FlowerWatch. Flowers need to be kept cool during the long transport within Kenya and to the Netherlands to guarantee quality on arrival and a long vase life. To improve the cold chain FlowerWatch monitors freight facilities and advices the supply chain partners. A Dutch.....