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Testing and corrective procedures for low substrate pH

Over the past week, numerous growers have reported low substrate pH or growing medium problems to Michigan State University Extension. If you mix your own or purchase a pre-mixed substrate, it is recommended you determine the initial pH. Determining the substrate pH prior to sowing seeds, sticking cuttings.....

In-house sampling methods to monitor the growing media

Some of the most common problems in container production are associated with inadequate pH and EC levels in the growing media. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented by monitoring the growing media. Four in-house sampling methods are available to monitor pH and EC of container-grown plants in.....
attending flower Expo China from March 13-15:

Hardy Export expanding markets in China

Hardy Export Co.Pvt.Ltd from Sri Lanka, will display their Eco-friendly Coco Peat and Coir Fibre products at the upcoming China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair (Flower Expo China). Hardy Export Co.Pvt.Ltd is one of the 150 exhibitors and will be represented by their Director, Mr......


"Adding hydrogel to growing media improves crop, bottom line"

Mixing hydrogel into growing media. It is a new recipe for growing media that seems to improve the final product and the grower's bottom line. "While customers - from retailers through consumers - may not recognize a hydrogel in the growing mix, they reap the benefits. And, that means more income for.....

NL: Trials with Lisianthus on substrate finished

From 2014 to 2016, we performed thirteen trials with Lisianthus cultivation on substrate on an area of 1000 m2. The aim was to limit the emissions of CO2 (less soil steaming, more energy-efficient cultivation), nutrients (recirculation of drainage water with closed water loops) and pesticides (hygienic.....

UNH research:

Microbial traits, not plants, determine abundance of soil organic matter

Healthy soil is rich in organic matter, but scientists have yet to fully understand exactly how that organic matter is formed. Now a team of University of New Hampshire scientists have uncovered evidence that microbial pathways – not plants – are the chief originator of the organic matter found in stable.....