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by Tami Van Gaal, Griffin

Hydroponic media: Give slab production a second look

For growers implementing controlled environment methods for crops such as cannabis and edibles, new media options can maximize crop growth. Many proven practices in horticultural production can be leveraged to increase efficiencies in cannabis and other hydroponic production. One place to start is by.....

Grow-Tech launches CatEyePlug

Grow-Tech, designer and manufacturer of stabilized growing media products, announces the launch of its newest product, the CatEyePlug for easy transplanting of tissue culture starts and pre-rooted cuttings.The “eye” of the plug allows for the precise and rapid placement of small and delicate plant material,.....

Pelemix opens Chinese branch office and warehouse

Chinese indoor growers are facing serious challenges of low yields and poor quality due to lack of proper crop rotation management. According to Pelemix, the introduction of soilless hydroponic technology in general, and the use of coco coir in particular, is the only way to turn around this challenging.....

Jan de Smet, Forteco:

"More and more applications for coco substrate"

The use of coco as a substrate is increasing steadily. Jan de Smet, of Forteco, notices this daily. Almost 20 years ago, he developed the ‘Profit’ coco slab, which has a lower water holding capacity than slabs based on coco grit. Jan: "Because of the dry coco, the crop is very steerable. The plants get a.....

Australia: Growing media tailor-made for production nurseries

There’s been a revolution going on in Australian nurseries. No longer are plants grown in soil dug up from the back paddock, but in complex formulas that often these days don’t even contain soil.Understanding the needs of different plants and the impact of local conditions, and investing in quality growing.....

What are the best growing media for outdoor perennials?

When growing outdoor plants, you need a growing medium which drains very well, as it may rain and it could over water your pots. Best solution would be to use a bark-based growing medium as it drains really well and your plant roots won't be overly watered. Coir-based growing media are also a good solution.....