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Horticubes retail packs suitable for growers big and small

Smithers-Oasis Company offers a new retail pack of its Oasis Grower Solutions Horticubes growing media, a lower density and higher drainage foam that is specially engineered for hydroponic seed germination of vegetables and herbs. Horticubes higher drainage design helps to maintain an ideal air-to-water.....

RHP certification for Nestaan

The company Nestaan N.V. is RHP Horticulture certified with the product vermiculite.Based on assessment and checks executed by ECAS, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the certification of Nestaan there are now 72.....

Substrate handling influences water holding capacity

Water holding capacity is greatly influenced by the size of the growing medium particles. Coarse particles create macropores which account for drainage and air porosity, while fine particles create micropores which retain water. A mixture of coarse and fine particles can be prejudicial for a substrate.....

First RPP labelled growing media on the market

Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP) announces that the first 4 companies produce RPP-labelled growing media products: Lentse & Slingerland Potgrond from the Netherlands, Greenyard Horticulture from Belgium and Compo and Euflor from Germany. They meet all the standards to bring RPP labelled products on the.....

How did oxygenation of irrigation water affect bedding plants?

Research at the University of Florida focused on evaluating whether oxygenation of irrigation water affected plant growth and substrate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during mist propagation of unrooted cuttings and subsequent growth in containers.There were no measured differences in root growth when ambient.....

Mycorrhizal fungi use in propagation

The advantages of using mycorrhizal fungi in propagation include producing more stress resilient plants with higher transplanting success and faster establishment whilst reducing the need for pesticide application during production. Such plants will have increased drought and nutrient tolerance when planted.....

Commercial growers get new wood fiber option

Lambert Peat Moss Company offers commercial growers a new wood fiber option with its EcoPeat product and complete line of EcoPeat Mixes (EPM).“We’ve been utilizing the many benefits of EcoPeat for years, and as pioneers in this field, we are pleased to evolve the use of this powerful ingredient,” explains.....