US: Novelties form sea of colour at GroLink during CAST

For many California Spring Trial visitors, GroLink was either their first or last stop. This location was home to many companies and to breeders and propagators, several suppliers presented their products and services too. In this article, we will present the highlights of the following breeders: Florist Breeding, ABZ Seeds, Evanthia, Suntory, Kapiteyn Flower Bulbs, Prudac, Royal Van Zanten, Schoneved Breeding and independent agency PlantHaven.

Click here for the extensive photo report of the California Spring Trials that we have published right after the Trials.

Florist Breeding

Judy Born and Felici Van der Velde of Florist Breeding and propagation.

Born is holding the new Garvenia Sweet Sunset and Van der Velde Sweet Fiesta. These are the first two bi-colors in their Garvenia series. They are suitable for pollinator gardens as they attract bees and butterflies.

In their patio Gerbera line, they added bi-colored Patio Gerbera Painted Desert (upper right) and Orange County (bottom right). These plants will show their large flowers from late spring to early autumn.

ABZ Seeds

Eric Juckers and Adri Gillissen of ABZ Seeds presenting Summer Breeze Pink and Summer Breeze Rose. They are two brand-new double flowering strawberry varieties. Summer Breeze has a lot of flowers and each flower produces a strawberry. They've already showed it at the IPM Essen and are now introducing it to the North American market. They have trialed it in the US and Proven Winners will start producing it on a large scale for next Spring retail sales.

And of course, their Delizz concept was on display. In 2016 strawberry Delizz was decorated as National Winner at All America Selections (AAS). Delizz is the first ever strawberry variety to receive this prize, due to its outstanding outdoor performance in many climate zones of North America and not in the least it's 'Delizzious' taste. The Delizz is presented in a purple Tamara pot and can be sleeved easily with it's upward facing flowers and fruitset.


Leo Lievaart, Nico Grootendorst and Luit Mazereeuw of Evanthia presenting the Eucalyptus pulverulenta, Cyperus Zumula and Helianthus Sunsation.

On the left: Eucalyptus pulverulenta little blue and Cyperus Zumula on the right.

There are several eucalyptus pulverulenta on the market, but the procedure from seed to plant is different with Evanthia's variety. There is also a lot of interest for the Cyperus Zumula, which is already a well known product in Europe. It is a green indoor plant that is healthy for pets. It's also called Cat grass. Click here for the enlarged picture. 


Delilah Onofrey of Suntory with the Senetti Magic Salmon.

This variety was already available in Europe, but now is in the US as well. It is a bi-colored (Violet to salmon-pink) senetti that is blooming 10 days earlier, from early spring until summer. On top of that, it has a re-blooming ability.

Soiree Ka・wa・i・i Catharanthus red is a new color in the Soiree series. It has many mini flowers, is self branching and self cleaning. On top of that, no PGRs are required. On the right. Grandaisy red improved. This variety has more flowers, a deeper color and better color retention. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Kapiteyn Flower Bulbs

Wim Kleine and Lennaert Kapiteijn of Kapiteyn Flower Bulbs presenting Captain Cheerio, a new pink variety that has a cultivation time of 8-10 weeks. Just like all other Captain Callas, this variety is available year round, colors fast, has a long shelf life and has a lot of flowers.

Another novelty is Captain Beretta (on the left). This calla has a black flower and a cultivation time of 8-10 weeks. Also Captain Solo (on the right) was on display. It is on the market for two years now and the demand for this variety is still increasing. Click here for the enlarged picture. 


Ard Ammerlaan and his son Ties Ammerlaan of Prudac presenting the Pillar Pepper. It has many fruits, little foliage and the fruits stay on the plant for about 2 months.

Rocket peppers F1 Red Mamba (on the left) and Ponchi F1 Fa (on the right). Ponchi is a very compact tomato plant and is suitable for 10-12 cm/4”-5” pots. Rocket Peppers can be cultivated along tomatoes, are suitable for 15-18/6”-7,5” pots and change color, starting from green, to red. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Royal Van Zanten

Bert Koeze and Nico Laan of Royal Van Zanten presenting their new purple celosia. It has a larger flower and retains its color in warm climates. On top of that, it also requires less water.

Colorita Tamara (on the left) and the new Morgana series on the right.

Colorita Tamara
is a new color (purple) in the Colorita series. The plants in this series are available in 8 different colors and 13 different varieties. The production period is 10-14 weeks and the plants flower from spring until late autumn. The Morgana family of Garden Mums is, according to Royal Van Zanten, likely to be the new introduction of 2018: "this new family can potentially replace the Cheryl family which has been one of the standards of the North American Garden Mum production for years." These new Mums are suitable for cultivation outdoor and indoor (with and without blackout) and can be grown in any container size. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Schoneveld Breeding

Ton Koers of Schoneveld Breeding presenting the Sprinkles; on the right the regular size and on the left the dwarf variety. This dwarf variety does not require any PGRs.

On the left the Mammoth cyclamen red and on the right the Campanula Florentes Avida.

The cyclamen is the largest cyclamen in the cyclamen line of Schoneveld. This Mammoth red is an approved variety and has been tested in several hot climates. According to Koers, the reactions in Italy were very positive; the color does not fade. Campanula Florentes Avida is a series that consists of two varieties, white and blue. It was introduced in Europe last year and currently, programs are running in the US. Click here for the enlarged picture. 


Also PlantHaven, had novelties on display. This company is not a breeder, but an independent agency assisting plant breeders worldwide in bringing their new plant varieties to market. 

Tarek Alysuf of PlantHaven International holding their new Salvia Fuchsia that is added to the Vibe Collection.

The collection now consists of Purple, White and Fuchsia. The flexible stems make it a great variety for shipping and the nectar rich blooms are great for beneficial pollinating insects.

Walberton's Silver Fountain (on the left) and Royal Hawaiian Hawaii Magic (on the right).

Walberton's Silber Fountain
is a Gaura bred by Walberton. It has stable variegated foliage, sterile pure white flowers, repeat blooming, nectar rich blooms that attract pollinating insects and a compact mounding habit, 24"x24"with flower spikes. Royal Hawaiian Hawaii Magic is a Leucadendron with a compact busy habit (3'x 2 at maturity), foliage that changes color throughout the season. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

But there were more companies presenting their products at Grolink, namely Anthura, iHort, WaterPulse, Berger, MPS and Vivero International. Click here for the complete photo report. 

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