Proven Accents: New options for growers

The new Proven Accents line of texture plants is designed to create a new category of branded plants, give growers more flexibility in buying and growing, and offer new opportunities for higher margins.

Angie VanWashenova, Internal Sales Supervisor

“Proven Accents are plants that have been selected to accentuate flowering plants,” says Angie VanWashenova, Internal Sales Supervisor at Four Star Greenhouse. “We recognize that consumers are looking for something different with accent plants. They want interesting colors or textures.”

She explains that the Proven Accents program is creating a new category of accent plants in the Proven Winners containers that will help growers increase their margins and help consumers easily find unique and beautiful foliage plants. Many of the plants selected for Proven Accents are already in the Proven Winners program, while others are available on the open market. By self-propagating them and selling in the branded containers, growers and retailers can realize higher margins, she notes.

“Because they are accent plants, Proven Winners is offering different options for growers,” she adds. “It’s a new approach to selling these plants.”

Plants that accentuate
The collection of 37 varieties gives growers a new niche category to sell, either in standard Grande size or the new 3.5-in. size branded containers. The goal is to offer consumers outstanding accent plants that stand apart in smaller containers, which can also be more profitable for growers and retailers.

“This program allows growers to cut down on costs, while offering an accent line that stands out and gives consumers an affordable option. Growers can have a high margin as a result,” Angie explains.

“These are the only Proven Winners plants available in the smaller 3.5-in. containers,” she adds. She notes that consumer interest for accent plants has grown dramatically in recent years. The available varieties are listed at the end of this article.

The Proven Accents program makes it easy for consumers to find beautiful and interesting accent plants for containers and plantings.

Several Proven Accents plants give a striking background to highlight Superbena Whiteout in the White Space combination. 

Buying flexibility for growers
Now, growers can buy these plants as rooted liners or unrooted cuttings from Four Star, or as URCs or seed from an outside supplier. Proven Winners branded containers and buying in increments of 104 are required for URCs, seed, or tip cutting purchases. Growers buying from outside suppliers will purchase the branded containers and tags from Four Star Greenhouse. There is also an additional fee for the tip cutting program.

This new program also provides another benefit for growers – they now have the option of self-propagating with unlimited tip cutting. The tip cutting program applies to rooted liners purchased from Four Star and also to URCs or seed-grown plants purchased from either Four Star or outside suppliers. Tip cutting requires a Proven Winners branded container. A program fee is charged for participants in the tip cutting program, as well.

Options for growing Proven Accents plants
“We hear from small and medium-sized growers about how they want URC opportunities, and in the past, those opportunities used to be limited to large growers,” explains Angie. “Now, any grower who is able to and wants to do this can self-propagate with the Proven Accents program.”

Growers have several options to suit their circumstances and growing practices:

1. Rooted liners from Four Star, with Tip Cutting option
All 37 varieties of the Proven Accents program are available for purchase as rooted liners from Four Star. The branded container is optional. Growers who buy rooted liners from Four Star then have the option to begin tip cutting on appropriate varieties by paying a program fee and using branded containers. Purchases must be in increments of 104.

2. URCs from Four Star, with Tip Cutting option
Growers can select from 21 varieties of Proven Accents plants as URCs from Four Star, must use branded containers and must buy in increments of 104. They then have the option for tip cutting on appropriate varieties, also using branded containers and in 104 increments.

URC of Illusion Ipomoea

3. URCs, with Tip Cutting option
The remaining 16 varieties in the Proven Accents line are available on the open market from outside suppliers. Growers must use branded containers and tags from Four Star and buy in increments of 104. They can also opt into the tip cutting program on appropriate varieties.

Depending on where a grower buys the plants, there may be minimum purchase requirements. A few of the varieties are not suited for propagation from tip cutting.

“The unlimited tip cutting option is new,” Angie points out. “Now, you can buy a tray of Sweet Caroline and cut as many tips as you want in the current season. The program used to be limited to two cuttings, but now is unlimited. Once you choose to self-propagate, notify us at Four Star and we’ll make sure you get the containers and tags you need.”

The 2021 Proven Accents line includes the following varieties:

  • Alternanthera Plum Dandy
  • Artemisia Silver Bullet
  • Asparagus Sprengeri
  • Begonia Pegasus
  • Dichondra Silver Falls
  • Dracaena Spikes
  • Hedera (Ivy) Glacier
  • Hedera (Ivy) Patricia
  • Hedera (Ivy) Yellow Ripple
  • Helichrysum Icicles
  • Helichrysum Licorice Splash
  • Helichrysum Petite Licorice
  • Helichrysum White Licorice
  • Ipomoea Blackie
  • Ipomoea Margarita
  • Ipomoea Tricolor
  • Ipomoea Illusion Emerald Lace
  • Ipomoea Illusion Garnet Lace
  • Ipomoea Illusion Midnight Lace
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green with Envy
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Kiwi
  • Ipomoea ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Medusa Green
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Raven
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Red Hawk
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black
  • Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime
  • Ipomoea ‘Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red’
  • Lamium Pink Chablis
  • Mesembryanthemum Mezoo Trailing Red
  • Plectranthus Cerveza ‘N Lime
  • Salvia Rockin’ ‘Golden Delicious’
  • Strobilanthes Persian Shield
  • Vinca Vine Maculata
  • Vinca Vine ‘Variegata’
  • Vinca Vine ‘Wojo’s Jem’

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