Frederike Hössermann, Queen Genetics, on the cut flower kalanchoe:

“It is a long-lasting, easy care product that fits right into the needs of modern consumers”

It was introduced in 2014 and the demand for this innovative flower has increased over the years. The product in question is the cut flower kalanchoe of Queen Genectics, also named Queen CutFlowers. This Danish breeding company has been constantly developing the assortment adding new shapes and colors, keeping the focus on longevity and a minimum of three weeks flowering. Currently, they have 7 colors in their assortment and lately, they also started to add some unique specialties with 4 petals and bi-colors. The demand in Northern Europe is increasing for years, but lately they had to expand to meet the increasing demand. However, also in other parts of the world, growers are building up their own production for their local markets. “It is a long-lasting, easy care product that fits right into the needs of modern consumers,” says Frederike Hössermann, Commercial Manager.

Soren Korup, Kalanchoe CutFlowers Specialist at Queen Genetics.

Award winning variety
Queen CutFlowers have been introduced to the market at the IPM Essen in 2014 and immediately won the novelty award in the cut flowers category. Special about these cut flower kalanchoes are the color, flower size, growing habits and longevity. “When breeding new varieties, we are always looking for strong vibrant colors that do not fade, large flowers, good growing habits, ethylene resistance and longevity (a vase life of minimum 3 weeks) and unique color shades and shapes. We believe that reliable, consistent and high quality is essential in today’s retail environment to satisfy both B2B and B2C customers alike.”

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Increase in popularity
Since the introduction, the popularity for this product increased sharply. “In Scandinavia, Queen CutFlowers are an integral part of the Queen Flowers consumer brand that is promoted through lifestyle magazines, influencers and social media promotions. Here, Queen CutFlowers are highly recognized at the point of sale and consumers like them for their easy care and excellent longevity.” However also in other European countries like Holland and Germany, B2B retail customers have noticed that the product sold well at their web shop and regular campaigns throughout the year. For that reason, their own production in Holland and Turkey, as of lately have been constantly expanding to meet the growing demand in northern Europe. Apart from that, growers from around the world have started to build up their own production for their local markets.”

Assortment movie 

Current and future assortment
When breeding new varieties, Queen always aims to improve their current assortment with new or improved varieties. “The varieties are being selected and tested over a period of 2-3 years to meet our strict quality standards.” Currently, the assortment consists of 7 different colors in their assortment. “We have one or two varieties per color (white, yellow, orange, red, pink, light pink & dark pink/purple). Lately, they started to add some unique specialties to their assortment; with 4 petals and bi-colors. (Click there for the complete assortment). In the future, they are looking to expand the assortment with long-stem varieties (>40 cm).

Forest Pink 

Most popular varieties
So, what are the most popular varieties? Hössermann: ”It all depends on the season and the country you are in. In general white, red and pink shades are classic colors that will sell throughout the year but during Easter and TET (Vietnamese new year) yellow is the color customers want to buy primarily.”

Blushing Pink

Advantages for the grower
And the fact that Queen CutFlowers can be produced all year in different colors to adapt to seasonal changes, combined with a demand that is relatively stable and the endless use cases makes it a very attractive product to grow.

Elegant Purple

3-week vaselife: advantage and pitfall at the same time
According to Hössermann, the longevity of the product is the product’s biggest advantage and pitfall at the same time. “It requires well thought-out sales and packaging solutions as well as good communication all the way through the supply chain. This product requires commitment both in terms of production but also on the sales/marketing side. The growers who get that right have success with the product.”

Room for expansion
Queen Genetics is proud and thankful for what they have accomplished so far and believes in the product, their partners and customers. “The feedback of the end consumer is overwhelmingly positive. This confirms our believe that Queen CutFlowers have a great future and will make consumers around the world happy for many years to come. However, there is always room for improvement, expansion and new market opportunities. Our partner and Agent Danziger is supplying Queen CutFlowers cuttings to growers around the world and we are constantly looking for new growers that believe in the product as much as we do.”

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Queen Genetics
Knud Jepsen
Skanderborgvej 193
DK-8382 Hinnerup


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