China: Learn more about this smart gerbera greenhouse, where almost everything is automated

In the gerbera seedling breeding and research and development base in Heinidi Village, Yunnan, flowers are grown in greenhouses. The greenhouse here can realize full intelligent integrated control. For example, if the temperature in the greenhouse is high, the humidifying and cooling equipment will be turned on automatically. If the sun is too strong, it can be shaded in time. When the flowers need to be watered, or they need to be supplemented with nutrient solution, and the system will do the job fully automatically.

Fully automatic integrated control
The flowers need watering, but no soil can be seen in this greenhouse. Because these flowers are cultivated without soil. How to keep moisture without soil? How about maintaining nutrition?

It turned out that there is a white tube beside the flower. Through this tube, water or nutrient solution could be transported to the flower as needed, and the water and nutrient solution could also be switched automatically. In addition, there is a detection device in each flowerpot to detect the moisture in the soil. In addition, there is a recycling device under the flowerpot, which can collect the water or nutrient solution flowing out of the flowerpot for reuse. This kind of planting mode can save more than 90% of water and fertilizer compared to the traditional planting mode. This whole system also creates a microclimate suitable for the cultivation and growth of flowers. This perfect space has continuously improved the value of flowers.

Value per pot is more than 1,000 RMB
The greenhouse covers an area of ​​more than 1 hectare, in which more than 20,000 pots of different varieties of gerbera are planted. These gerberas were planted 3 years ago. According to experts, the growth cycle of gerberas here is between three to four years. On average, each pot can be harvested one flower per day, and the entire greenhouse can be harvested about 20,000 flowers per day. The selling price of each piece is between 1 RMB and 5 RMB according to the seasons.

Mixed planting in greenhouses to reduce pest damage
In the greenhouse, there are 20 to 30 varieties of gerbera. This kind of planting method solves the problem of the high incidence of plant diseases and insect pests in a single variety planting in a greenhouse. Of course, the main task here is the development and breeding of seedlings. The introduced varieties can be planted on a large scale in other places after trial planting and variety improvement here.

After the gerbera is harvested, it must be classified and packaged according to standards. Gerbera is relatively fragile, so be careful when packing it.

Flowers are a beautiful business card of Yunnan Province. Here, the local area has cooperated with Yunnan Agricultural University and other 8 national scientific research institutions to set up expert workstations. At the same time, using the talent introduction mechanism, more than 200 domestic and foreign industry elites have been introduced to independently carry out the breeding and research and development of new flower varieties.

Number of flower varieties has reached 531
Through everyone's efforts, the park now has 18 invention patents and has introduced and developed 531 new flower varieties with independent intellectual property rights. In addition, through seedling breeding and research and development, 20 to 30 new chrysanthemum varieties with local independent intellectual property rights are cultivated every year. Since the establishment of the flower industry here, it has driven the development of nearly 1,300 hectares of the fresh-cut flower industry in surrounding towns and villages.


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