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As the quality of life improves, flowers play an increasingly important role in people's lives in China, and the consumption of flowers is also driving the rapid development of the "flower economy".

In recent years, Heze has vigorously tapped its distinctive resource advantages, using flowers as a medium, and vigorously developing the fresh-cut flower industry while planting peonies and Chinese peonies. At present, Heze has the largest cultivation area and the most varieties of cut peony flowers in China, and has become a veritable "Hometown of Peony in China".

Fresh cut peony flowers becoming popular
The "Investigation Report on the Development of Fresh Cut Peony Flowers in Heze City" (hereinafter referred to as the Report) mentioned that the main distribution area of ​​peony cultivation area is about 2,000 hectares, including about 333 hectares of foreign varieties, about 1,000 hectares of domestic varieties, and about 666 hectares of medicinal peony. At present, there are more than 666 hectares of peony entering the cut-flowering period in Heze, with an output of about 50 million sticks/year, accounting for more than 25% of the domestic market share of fresh cut peony flowers. From the perspective of variety structure, Heze Peony has about 460 domestic traditional varieties and about 170 imported varieties. Among them, there are more than 30 varieties suitable for cut flowers and more than 100 professional growers with more than 6 hectares.

The delivery period of fresh cut peony flowers in Heze City is concentrated from mid-to-early April to the end of May, mainly for Mother's Day, Internet Valentine's Day (May 20), and wedding flowers.

According to Mr. Wu Yonghua, President of the Heze Peony Chamber of Commerce, since 2016, the Heze peony fresh cut flower market has gradually emerged and is showing a good momentum of development. "In recent years, the consumption level of citizens has gradually gone from material consumption to spiritual consumption. In the fresh cut flower market, low-end cut flowers such as carnations are gradually being replaced by mid-to-high-end cut flowers. Peony is one of the high-end flowers, and now the rise of many festivals such as '520 festival', Women’s Day and Mother’s Day has provided an opportunity for the development of the peony fresh cut flower market. During this year’s Women’s Day, the cut peony flower cultivated through the off-season flowering technology reached a maximum of 80 RMB each."

In recent years, peony has been loved and appreciated by people, and the peony that can bloom in winter is even more charming. The off-season flowering technology refers to breaking the normal dormant state of peony and making it open in seasons other than spring after low-temperature refrigeration and hormone treatment.

"In the Spring Festival of 2021, the number of flowering peonies suddenly skyrocketed, and the trading volume in Heze market alone was about 250,000 pots." Mr. Sun Wenqi, president of the Heze Flower and Tree Association, said that in 2018, the number of peonies in the local market during the Spring Festival of 2018 was less than 100,000 pots, but the growth rate is very fast, and it has exceeded 250,000 pots in 2021. "In 2020, the price of a single peony flower is about 10 RMB, mainly as fresh cut flowers, and it can also be sold in whole pots; this year the price is about 15 to 18 RMB, and it is estimated that the total sales volume of peony will be about 3 million to 3.5 million plants this year. "

Government support continues to empower the "flower economy"
In recent years, with the support and help of Heze Peony Industry Development Center, Peony District Committee, and District Government, Heze has successfully organized and held the "Peony and Chinese Peony Cut Flower Art Exhibition" and the signing conference for the business launch of the nationwide purchase of fresh cut peony flowers.

At present, Heze has many large-scale fresh-cut flower production bases, which mainly supply markets such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Kunming. In addition, the production base and some wholesalers and e-commerce platforms that directly supply flower shops have also cooperated, and the path of e-commerce sales has become more and more prosperous.

It is reported that the municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the development of the fresh-cut peony flower industry. Mr. Sun Wenqi, chairman of the Heze Flower and Tree Association, said that the attention and support of the municipal party committee and the municipal government undoubtedly provided a "shot in the arm" for the development of the fresh-cut peony flower industry in Heze. From the perspective of cultivation techniques, the cultivation of peony requires low humidity and sufficient ventilation, and higher requirements for the quality of the greenhouse and the cultivation technology of flowering. At present, there is a gap in the greenhouses suitable for the development of fresh-cut peony flowers in Heze. It is hoped that the government will "take the lead" to support relevant enterprises in terms of policy, capital, technology, etc., and specialize in " Peony blooming in four seasons", fill the gaps and blanks, and achieve commercial development. "

Healthy development of the market
With the increasing demand and trading volume of fresh cut peony flowers year by year, people's awareness and quality awareness of fresh-cut flowers are getting stronger and stronger, and the requirements for the variety and quality of fresh-cut flowers are getting higher and higher. Therefore, standardizing the output of seedlings and fresh-cut flowers is an important basis for Heze to develop fresh-cut peony flowers, and it is also an important starting point for "polishing" Heze peony and peony business cards.

The report puts forward several suggestions for the development of the fresh-cut peony flowers industry. It is recommended to effectively optimize the planting structure, actively develop protected agriculture, increase support, establish intelligent greenhouses, cold storage for fresh cut flowers, vigorously solve logistics and distribution problems, establish high-standard trading centers, strengthen key technical support, and focus on market guidance.

It is reported that in order to regulate market order and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, in April 2021, led by Heze Peony and Chinese Peony Cut Flower Association, Mr. Zhou Changyu, chairman of the Association, and Heze City professionals and members who have been engaged in cut flower production for a long time, based on extensive consultation, combined with the standards of other types of cut flowers, repeatedly demonstrated and formulated the "2021 Heze Peony Fresh Cut Flower Standard Trial Version", which uses theories to guide production and leads the production standards, in order to continuously improve the Heze peony fresh cut flower market. Based on this "Trial Version", it is possible to properly control the quality of cut peony flowers by distinguishing the first, second, and third categories of flowers. Besides, it is recommended that the association organize flower farmers to conduct knowledge training such as production and cultivation to increase awareness and guide the healthy development of the industry.

In recent years, the output and sales of fresh-cut peonies and Chinese peony flowers in Heze City have continuously increased. The development of the industry has entered the fast lane, and the market has shown a prosperous situation. In the next step, the Heze Peony and Chinese Peony Cut Flower Association will focus on improving the standard and level of cut-flowers, increase publicity, improve the "business card" effect of the Heze Peony cut flower market, and provide better quality and more colorful peony and peony cut flowers and further launch the "Peony Capital of China" brand.

Source: heze.sdchina.com

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