Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. These mesmerizing flowers gave rise to the creation of real stories. And though it is true that the most common roses vary from pink to red and are used to stand out while wearing pure white dresses, the yellow rose occupies a special place in the horticultural world.

Botanical frenzy
The first wild yellow rose was described in the 18th century in an isolated region of the Far East and brought back to the world capital of roses in the West in the 19th century, Lyon. This jewel, a botanical rarity, gave rise to a botanical frenzy. 

The city's prosperity attracted gardeners and peasants who came to set up their own businesses as market gardeners or horticulturists. The fertile soil and continental climate lent themselves well to growing roses. With the arrival of unknown roses from the Far East, a new generation of rose growers from Lyon got caught up in the game of pairing roses and trying selections by sowing them by hybridization, which gave rise to hundreds of new varieties. This golden age of the production and creation of the rose in Lyon was between 1850 and 1914. Up to 3000 varieties of roses were unveiled to the public, and millions of young plant copies were sold worldwide.

From spontaneous hybridization to the manipulations by botanists, we arrive at today's roses. Roses that display a real golden glow.

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