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Florist Holland B.V. ‏

These pictures were taken at a flower market in Armenia. Beautiful colourful presentations and all on the hood of a car or on a self made table. We even spotted some Alstroemeria from Hilverdakooij. #gerbera #alstroemeria #florist #flowermarket #flowers #armenia — Florist Holland B.V. (@FloristGerberas) February…


Allensmore Nurseries ‏

What a glorious spring morning in Herefordshire today showing customers around our nursery — Allensmore Nurseries (@ANurseries) February 15, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Here’s to being showered in love and roses 🌹🍃 #HappyValentines — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) February 14, 2019


Barendsen Aalsmeer ‏

#ValentinesDay #roses #red Love is in the air !! @barendsenexport — Barendsen Aalsmeer (@barendsenexport) February 11, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse ‏

Growing Green — Lynde Greenhouse (@LyndeGreenhouse) February 11, 2019


Flores El Moral ‏

Our bet for this Valentine was on 3 millions of Rose stems and 500,000 Alstroemeria stems that reached 6 destination countries to express the feeling of Valentine 2019 — Flores El Moral (@floreselmoral) February 8, 2019


grown in wales ‏

coming along nicely — grown in wales (@coileyparjley) February 7, 2019


The Propagator ‏

At Harrell’s we are delighted to exhibit at Pro Green for the first time. Come see us at booth 2100 to talk about the industry leading Polyon technology, the latest in biocontrols and much more! — The Propagator (@The1Propagator) February 6, 2019


Griffin Glasshouses ‏

RT @chessingtongc : It may have been snowing but the signs of spring are showing in our plant area! #snowday #daffodils #springiscoming — Griffin Glasshouses (@GriffinGlasshse) February 6, 2019


Gedney Bulb Company ‏

*Drum Roll* CASH AND CARRY NOW OPEN FOR 2019! Many of you will be as excited as we are for this! You can come back to Gedney and pick out your trays and be back on the road in no time! #cashncarry #wholesalenursery #plants #alpines #herbaceous #springbulbs #winter #spring #gigfy — Gedney Bulb Company (@GedneyBulb)…


Johnsons Xpress ‏

With nearly 100 years experience here's everything you need to know about our nursery ➡️➡️➡️ — Johnsons Xpress (@WhixleyXpress) February 4, 2019


Guy Massey ‏

Nursery walk this morning. #snow #Horticulture — Guy Massey (@Gjm841) February 1, 2019


Hofland Flowering Pl ‏

#Spring is #growing in our #greenhouses 😍😍😍. See this #Dianthus , #Exacum , #Hibiscus , #Argyranthemum and #Schlumbergera ! #Dianthus will be ready for #sale about 6 weeks. — Hofland Flowering Pl (@F_Hofland) January 30, 2019


Prickly Fish Farm ‏

Part of the nursery stock asleep under a blanket of snow #garden #gardening #flowers #britishflowers #plants #plantlovers #Norfolk #flowerfarmer #marketgarden #organicflowers #grownfromseed — Prickly Fish Farm (@PricklyFishFarm) January 30, 2019

@TristramPlants 18 u

Tristram Plants ‏

Busy day at Binsted Nursery with some great looking 9cm #herbs prepared ready for delivery later this week. It’s hard to think it’s still January looking at this. Nothing forced as they are grown cold with fully opening sides to our glasshouses. #ukgrown in #Sussex @Farplants — Tristram Plants (@TristramPlants) January…


VanVLIET FlowerGroup

Because we are in the top 5 of their biggest buyers and we are their number in their Auction Pre-sale buyers, Kenyan rose grower Flora Ola came by to give us this delicious cake! Thank you Flora Ola, we are looking forward to another great year together! — VanVLIET FlowerGroup (@VanVLIETgroup) January 28,…



Learning loads of very practical information about bee hives this week from Caroline Reid @Bioline_AS_Int It's all about 'Living in a box' a cardboard box and now the new plastic water proof box! Presentation available soon. 🐝🐝🐝💚🍓 — fargro (@fargro) January 25, 2019


Guy Massey

View from office ⁦ @RochfordGardens ⁩ this morning. #fresh — Guy Massey (@Gjm841) January 24, 2019



Momentous occasion as the first boiler is fired up, we now have heat 🔥🌡 #propwisley — Paul (@paul_atk79) January 23, 2019


Tristram Plants

Heading to some lucky customer is this wonderful Daphne Odora which has just started flowering. Still loads of bud to come #ukgrown @Farplants — Tristram Plants (@TristramPlants) January 22, 2019


Holstein Flowers ‏

Blue Monday? Most depressing day of the year? Not with some colourful Gerberas. Therefore we bring you a little happiness, from Holstein Flowers. Enjoy! 🌸😊🌸 #bluemonday #gerberas #happiness — Holstein Flowers (@HolsteinFlowers) January 21, 2019


AppalachianTropicals ‏

Happy #PhalenopsisPhriday folks! #elegant #orchids #flowers #asheville #apptropicals #wnc #avl #weship — AppalachianTropicals (@AppTropicals) January 18, 2019


Pepperpot Nursery ‏

The nursery’s looking lovely in this morning’s sunshine. Cold but sunny here in Hampshire... — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) January 17, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

Handpicked roses making their way to the grading hall 🌹🌿 #mountelgonorchards #roses — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) January 16, 2019


Johnsons Xpress ‏

A lot of our staff have been with us for over 20 years + heres 4 members who have 105 years combined — Johnsons Xpress (@WhixleyXpress) January 15, 2019


Flower Market ‏

2019 has arrived and with it a colourful array of flowers, foliage and plants to brighten up these winter mornings ❄️ Check out our blog from @flowerona for the rundown on all that you'll find on the market this month: — Flower Market (@MarketFlowers) January 14, 2019


Thiel's Greenhouses ‏

Who's coming to Bug School this Saturday in High Prairie? Growing plants at home? Christie's Gardens and Greenhouses offers a course to teach you #insect pest solutions. A few spots left! #IPM #plants #grow #learnit @ChristiePollack — Thiel's Greenhouses (@ThielsGH) January 11, 2019


Lock Succulents ‏

Let yourself be #surprised by #succulents again in #2019 Like this #Crassula ovata in #bloom — Lock Succulents (@LockSucculents) January 10, 2019


Javo USA ‏

Only minutes to go before the start of #mants2019 . @JavoUSA1 Booth 2413! — Javo USA (@JavoUSA1) January 9, 2019


Jimmy Turner

How about Begonia T Rex ‘St. Nick’ Huge leave of Christmas red and bright green and lined with silver. Leave were bigger than my hands! Bred by @TerraNovaNurs Full Shade only #Begoniaceae — Jimmy Turner (@TexanInOz) January 7, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse ‏

Who's thinking Spring?!?!?! We can't get over the sunshine today! — Lynde Greenhouse (@LyndeGreenhouse) January 4, 2019


Paul ‏

Morning peeps, we've almost survived our first few days back at work — Paul (@paul_atk79) January 4, 2019


HarrogateFlowerShow ‏

#pantoneoftheyear for 2019 is #livingcoral , so here are some ideas to cheer up a dull January day! — HarrogateFlowerShow (@HarrogateFlower) January 3, 2019


Tristram Plants

Helleborus Walberton’s Rosemary at our Walberton Nursery are looking good. These will be going out to customers from early Jan. #ukbred #ukgrown #garden #flower — Tristram Plants (@TristramPlants) December 28, 2018


Allwoods ‏

It might be Christmas but there is still work to be done... read on to see what were up to. — Allwoods (@AllwoodsPlants) December 24, 2018


Chris Thorogood ‏

It may be the shortest day of the year but the lily house in Oxford is still subtropical x #plants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantness #WinterSolstice2018 #shortestday — Chris Thorogood (@thorogoodchris1) December 21, 2018


MetrolinaGreenhouses ‏

We are in full swing for spring here at the greenhouse! #metrolinagreenhouses #spring — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) December 19, 2018


Taylors Bulbs ‏

Narcissus Spring Dawn coming through nicely here at Holbeach this afternoon but still a little way to go to catch up with 2015 where they were in flower on 16th December #daffodils #springflowers #narcissus #lincolnshirefarming — Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) December 18, 2018


Howard Nurseries ‏

Anchusa azurea 'Loddon Royalist' being pack for an order. One of my favourite plants. It propagated by root cuttings by our team on the nursery. Plants are only less than one year old. #Anchusa #rootcuttings #perennials — Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) December 18, 2018


Allwoods ‏

And so it begins... day 1 of packing Christmas Flower orders, this mountain of boxes will be gone by Thursday!!! But don't despair - if youve not placed an order yet there's still time. Our office is open 9am to 4.30pm or order online at — Allwoods (@AllwoodsPlants) December 17, 2018


Chris BFH ‏

Today from @QualityFlowerGr @BuijsFlowers1 the red chrysanthemum Barolo from @RVZCuttings_RH and chrysanthemum Bride from @Deliflor specials for christmas — Chris BFH (@ChrisBFH) December 13, 2018


Brandon Settlemyre ‏

Snow field trip! Schyler was glad to get out of the house for a while. ❄️🤸🦆🌲🌞🚜 #SettlemyreNursery #winterstormdiego #PlantNursery #FamilyOwned #FarmLife #LocallyGrown @ Settlemyre Nursery — Brandon Settlemyre (@bushman28690) December 11, 2018


Fibrex Nurseries ‏

Here are some more Pellies. (Sorry) A couple of pretty iconic bods here.. From the left we have Single Zonal 'Mr Wren', Scented leaf 'Islington Peppermint', Stellar 'Snowbright' & species P. cordifolium rubrocintum — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) December 11, 2018

Special Orchids



Taylors Bulbs ‏

Indoor flowers from our glasshouse grown daffodils. First batches of these have gone out to customers this week. This variety is Fortune #cutflowers #daffodils #earlyflowers — Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) December 7, 2018


Nursery Fresh Plants ‏

Things starting to get a bit crackers here ⁦ @NURSERYFRESH ⁩ 🎅🏼 — Nursery Fresh Plants (@NURSERYFRESH) December 6, 2018


Bob Stewart ‏

A salute to all the greenhouse growers who produce poinsettias. They are a difficult crop to grow well. Hope your plants have good color, be the correct height with big bracts, and sell well. #Poinsettia 👍 — Bob Stewart (@BobStewart723) December 5, 2018


Hawkesmill Nurseries ‏

Keeping it keen for the Hawkesmill Nurseries ever expanding #green #growing machine! Check out our new #solarpanels we have just had put on our #dispatch building!!!! #solar #environment #plantnursery #plantnurserylife #dispatchwarehouse #potd #picoftheday #grow #plants — Hawkesmill Nurseries (@HawkesmillNurs) December…


My Peony ‏

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist My Peony Society - Kwekerij Zwagerman — My Peony (@mypeonysociety) December 4, 2018


Van Arnhem Nursery ‏

Schizostylis 'Oregon Sunset' — Van Arnhem Nursery (@VArnhemNursery) December 2, 2018

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