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Bremkens Orchids blooms after internal changes

For German phalaenopsis breeder and young plant grower Bremkens Orchids, a lot has happened over the last 1.5 years. They not only started selling their own varieties, but also decided to increase the production volume and homogeneity of their products. Their young plants are being bred and grown in a 3 ha greenhouse in Geldern-Walbeck, Germany and sold all over the world, with the Netherlands as the main market. They now belong to the top largest breeders and young plant producers in Europe. 

Christian Bremkens, co-owner of the company.

Bremkens Orchids is a real family company and Christian, Peter and their father Matthias Bremkens are managing the company that was founded by Christian's and Peter's grandfather in 1955. New varieties are being bred in their greenhouse in Geldern-Walbeck and propagated in the lab of Hark Orchideen, one of the largest phalaenopsis labs in the world. For many years, the marketing and sales of Bremkens Orchids varieties was done by Sion, until 1.5 years ago. After the split-up some changes were necessary. "We had to set up a sales team and work on our visibility and branding. It was quite a challenging task and still we are continuously looking for possible improvements", explains Bremkens.

At the same time, they decided to upgrade their greenhouses. A new sorting line enabled them to supply their growers with a tray with more uniform phalaenopsis young plants (click here to read more about this new sorting line at Bremkens) and a new cultivation system to increase the production volume. "When considering an increase in production volume, it is quite tempting to go for an expansion of greenhouse surface, but we did not. We decided to renovate our cultivation system so that we can grow 20 percent more plants on the same surface."

FloralDaily had the opportunity to take a peek in their greenhouse, where Christian Bremkens explained the process from transplanting to shipping out the young plants.

The tissue culture plants come from Hark Orchideen and are stored on trolleys.

Then, the cuttings are transplanted into a plug.

All cuttings are transplanted into a plug manually.

The cuttings are placed on a movable bench, that will transport them into the greenhouse where they can develop their roots.

The cuttings leave the transplanting area to the greenhouse.

The young plants in the greenhouse.

The young plant in a later stage, when they developed their roots.

When they are mature enough, the young plants are put on the new sorting line of Flier, where they are sorted in five different sizes. (Click here to read more about this new sorting line at Bremkens)

The young plants are ready to leave the greenhouse to growers all over the world.

The young plants leaving the greenhouse are transported in their own Bremkens Orchids trucks.

For more information
Bremkens Orchids
Christian Bremkens

Publication date: 11/21/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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