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Marc Molitor, Mecaflor

Creating hand-tied bouquets at full speed

In North America the demand of hand-tied bouquets is growing, with retailers asking for uniform and complex products. Making these bouquets is pretty hard work though. To keep up with a certain speed and quality, workers have to be well-trained. In South America, finding these skilled workers is a…

US (NH): D.S. Cole Growers speeds up bench moving with new crane

"This bench moving crane is twice as fast as our old crane and we will now have it travel further to pick up benches from more than one location", says Doug Cole of D.S. Cole Growers, an ornamental grower of young and finished plants who is currently installing this new bench moving crane from Logiqs at…

WPS completes second phase at Ter Laak Orchids

WPS has completed phase 2 in the daylight greenhouse of Ter Laak Orchids. Phase 2 focuses on the widening of the orchid, whereby the orchid is transferred to a larger Plant Growth Cell (PGC). This is done in the following way: the orchids come out of the greenhouse fully automatically on a table. A smart WPS robotic…

“Modified conveyors more affordable to growers”

The SB 10 conveyor system offered by SB Machinerie, has been on the market for quite a few years, having the reputation for being both portable and adaptable, it has been installed in some nice projects.  More recently, by adding a new variant; the SB10 EPC without the axles and wheels, the company can now…

Custom-made water carts for quick cut flower transport

Cut flower companies with multiple production locations often choose to have the sorting and processing take place at one central location. To ensure that logistics flows between locations run as quickly and efficiently as possible, Codema has developed special water carts. These carts can be completely…

new name for Quality Buncher Pro

Bercomex adds Flora BunchMaster to stable

The Quality Buncher Pro is the first product from Potveer that has been added to the Bercomex product range. This automatic bunching machine will be marketed by Bercomex under a new product name: The Flora BunchMaster. New operating system based on existing Bercomex software platform The product features…

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