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Kenya: Flower farm fleet goes green with electric cars

Away from the limelight, a flower firm in Naivasha is quietly deploying green energy solutions in its operations, including use of electric cars. Oserian flower farm has deployed 16 electric trucks to ferry flowers on its expansive farm as it seeks to be the industry leader in the use of green technology. Sourced from…

US: Incentives aid greenhouses and nurseries in implementing energy efficiency practices

To help foster the implementation of energy efficiency practices, government agencies and utilities offer incentives to make them more affordable for greenhouse and nursery operations. A brief explanation of each incentive program is as follows: USDA Rural Development Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) REAP provides…

Energy use in Danish greenhouses down 50% over 15 years

Over the past 15 years, the energy consumption in Danish greenhouse horticulture has been lowered by half. While the total greenhouse surface area was reduced by 23 percent, energy efficiency improved enormously. The fact that the energy consumption in 2017 was still 3.5 percent higher than in 2014, is…

CAN (ON): "Avoid having biomass sent to landfill"

Price volatility is a concern with many greenhouses. Sometimes, a long-term supply contract is the only way to secure financing for a new biomass boiler. Most lenders would like to see a grower have their fuel supply secured in-order for them to qualify for financing. Ecostrat can take away the…

Stephanie Freund, Sundara Energy:

"Energy industry is forever evolving"

After 20 years working in sales management in the beverage alcohol industry as well as the medical field, Stephanie Freund embarked on a new career in the energy industry. She discovered her passion for working in natural gas and power after relocating from Montreal to Vancouver in late 2005 and for nine…

"Ethiopia needs to build institutional capacity to tap geothermal resources"

Energy experts advised the Ethiopian government to build its institutional capacity to tap into the huge geothermal energy resources. At a consultative workshop organised by the World Bank, a team of geothermal experts stated that the country should set up the right institutions, regulatory body and human resource that…

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