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Friday, October 21, 2016

MNP trials, selects and introduces new varieties:

A look behind the scenes at Suntory's European agent

PHOTO REPORT Keeping a novelty interesting and unique remains challenging. Due to the advanced techniques, new varieties are often succeeded quickly by creations with similar appearances and habits. Therefore marketing concepts come in to play more often when introducing new varieties. Erwin Giezen of MNP with the.....

Angela Stembridge, Fresca Farms:

US: 'Enhanced flowers more often part of Halloween celebration'

Halloween is around the corner and the US seems to turn orange. It is an important holiday for almost every industry, and the ornamental sector is no exception. "We've been selling Halloween flowers for some time now and this year we have a special roses that glow in the dark", says Angela Stembridge of.....

3% higher than last year

NL: Unprecedented high export figures

Last week FloraHolland presented spectacularly high turnover figures. Yesterday Floridata’s and the VGB’s monthly figures added to the jubilant mood. The export of flowers and plants increased by 3% compared to last year, through September. And it is the tenth consecutive quarter in which the line is an.....

"Proper functioning of stomata is crucial"

The plant is continuously seeking a balance between transpiration (loss of moisture) and photosynthesis. The functioning of the stomata plays an important role in this. Moderate climate conditions are best for achieving this. Stomata can be compared to doors on the surface of the leaf. They allow air.....

Maritime cold chain expansion good news for flower exporters

Shipping lines have been investing heavily in their refrigerated cargo capacity, hoping to capture a cold chain market that had long eluded them given the differences in time of transport between ships and airplanes.Consumers place a premium on freshness of these items and any time delay, even in temperature.....

Philips Lighting introduces next-gen energy efficient LED flowering lamps

Philips Lighting has announced the launch of the Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp 2.0, an even more energy efficient way to extend daylight or interrupt the night growing cycle in greenhouses for growers that cultivate strawberries, cut flowers, bedding plants and cuttings. The new Philips GreenPower.....

Potentials and opportunities for Dutch horticulture in Sri Lanka

Agriculture has been a major pillar in the society and economy of Sri Lanka for a long time. Due to the country’s geographical position in the tropics with good temperature and light regimes and various climate zones, the conditions are favourable for 365 days / year crop cultivation. However, the.....

CNB New Plants and Ashiro Gentians sign agreement in Japan

CNB New Plants, part of the Cooperative Dutch Flower Bulb Center, has recently entered into an agreement with Ashiro Rindo (Gentians). The agreement involves the testing and getting on the market of a new range of pot gentians by CNB New Plants. Ashiro Rindo was represented by breeder Dr. Takashi Takagi, who.....

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PMA 2016 Orlando, Florida

PMA 2016 Orlando, Florida

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Northend Gardens, Jordan Station, Ontario

Northend Gardens, Jordan Station, Ontario

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Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2016

Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2016

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Flowers Expo Moscow 2016

Flowers Expo Moscow 2016

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Flower Expo Poland 2016

Flower Expo Poland 2016

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First contract for European ‘Malus Royal Raindrops’ signed

The American breeder of the new ‘Malus Royal Raindrops’ (‘JFSKW5’), J.F. Schmidt, recently signed the first European contract with Plantipp B.V. and Baumschule Ley in Germany.Art Anderson of J.F. Schmidt and Christoph Dirksen of Baumschule Ley signed the contract (photo: Peter van Rijssen).The ‘Malus Royal.....

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New packaging claims to double shelf life carnations, roses

Johnson Matthey has developed a unique MA/MH film structure that is applicable for flow pack machines. “The implications of our new technology Xflow are significant”, says Dr. Gary Ward, Technical Development Manager at Johnson Matthey, ACT-Tefen, Israel, “improved throughput, reductions in material usage.....

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Tanzania: Flower growers turn to organic farming

Tanzanian coffee and flower growers seem to be ready to embrace organic farming and give up conventional agricultural practices that use synthetic pesticides and watersoluble synthetically purified fertilizers.A flower farmer from Hai District, Ms Alicia Godwin notes that with the climate change effects, the.....

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Ben Hogewoning, My-Peony:

The French peony season in full swing

The peonies in France are ready to be harvested. "Last week, we received the first French peonies. Now, the numbers are increasing and only today, 100,000 peonies arrived at our processing station in the Netherlands," says Ben Hogewoning of My-Peony, a platform that distributes the peonies of a selection of.....

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Sneak peek at new coleus varieties from Terra Nova

Terra Nova Nurseries announced the introduction of Coleus Terra Nova ‘Mystic Light’ and Coleus Terra Nova ‘Persia’, a combined sneak peek of the newest additions to the company’s Terra Nova Collection.The collection’s coleus varieties are well-branched, suitable replacements for impatiens, and they have.....

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UK: 80,000 chrysanthemums take center stage at Longwood Gardens

Each year, a million visitors make their way to Longwood Gardens, the 1,000-plus-acre Kennett Square horticultural paradise started by Pierre DuPont in 1906.They come in all seasons for the changing displays. They come for special events, choreographed fireworks, fountain shows, performances, classes and.....

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Coco Block Debaler

Growing use of coco coir blocks requires debaling machine

The use of coco coir as a substitute for peat is increasing in the Horticultural and Agricultural business. Some refer to this product as coconut coir, coir pith or coco peat. Due to the importance of shipping costs the coir is compressed into blocks. The Coco Block Debaler has been developed to help.....

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NL: Fraudulent trader arrested in Aalsmeer

A man suspected of major fraud was arrested in Aalsmeer last week. The police had long been looking for the man, who – over the last couple of years – had been posing as a Romanian and Italian, among other things. He is presumed to be a member of a gang that ships flowers from Ecuador and the Netherlands to.....

Vineland releases 2016-2017 Innovation Report

“We never work alone,” said Jim Brandle, Vineland’s CEO. “Our model focuses on increasing the number of acres in the field and shelf space in the grocery store for Canadian horticulture products.”And partnerships are key to getting that valuable space in farmers’ fields, orchards and greenhouses to grow what.....

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Dutch garden center reopens with Codema benching

Garden centre “De Bosrand” was founded in 1980 at Wassenaar and originally started as a bulb grower. As the company grew the founders started wholesaling their products, which led to retailing as well.The combination of growing-wholesaling-retailing seemed successful and over the years they have been.....

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Australia: Melbourne Market growers provide flowers to museum

Flowers from growers at Melbourne Market in Epping will be given as gifts between strangers on the streets of Melbourne as part of a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.Taiwanese-American artist Lee Mingwei’s The Moving Garden invites audience participation.“In this project I present a space.....

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EILO trip

Green walls aplenty in Scandinavia

At the end of September, efig's chairman Chris Jenkin and also chairman of Enterprise Plants, attended EILO's conference in Scandinavia. He has provided a brief but interesting report about the programme and what was seen.Spiio- Martin DalRemote data management for green walls via on-line system on.....

5th international Grodan propagation seminar:

Plant blindness in theory and practice

Propagators from all over the world visited Grodan’s fifth international seminar, which was this year held in the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In this historic building, which has featured on the world heritage list since June 2014, they listened to a presentation on the theoretical.....

China: Tangshan Expo triggers ‘green city declaration’

Following the Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition 2016, the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) is calling for a ‘green city declaration’ urging all cities to follow its lead.The achievement of the AIPH-approved Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition 2016 has.....

November 30, Columbus:

US (OH): Dümmen Orange organizes 'Potted Plant Palooza'

Take the guesswork out of choosing varieties that will thrive and build a well matched potted program. Learn how to successfully produce and sell these new introductions, while discovering the latest trends in marketing, at Dümmen Orange's Potted Plant Palooza.When & whereNovember 30, 201610 AM - 4:30.....

October 27

US (NJ): Rutgers offers workshop for "ultra-niche" flower growers

This October, Rutgers Cooperative Extension is offering the second class in a series of “Ultra-Niche” agricultural seminars with the workshop “Mixed Cut Flowers” on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.This workshop will be conducted simultaneously at three locations throughout New Jersey. This second class.....

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CNB New Plants and Ashiro Gentians sign agreement in Japan

CNB New Plants, part of the Cooperative Dutch Flower Bulb Center, has recently entered into an agreement with Ashiro Rindo (Gentians). The agreement involves the testing and getting on the market of a new range of pot gentians by CNB New Plants. Ashiro Rindo was represented by breeder Dr. Takashi Takagi, who.....

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Ireland: Flower transportation business blossoms as Hannon sales soar

One of Ireland's leading refrigerated haulage and logistics companies Hannon Transport has reported a marked upturn in its turnover and profits.The Aghalee company, which specialises in the delivery of cut flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and general goods all over Ireland and Britain as.....


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