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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Danish grower produces Begonia Maculata from seed

The plant that is known as the ‘Trout Begonia’ is not a fishy plant at all. The white dots give the Begonia Maculata a unique appearance. In August, Danish company By Growers will introduce their Begonia Maculata. “The problem of this plant is that it is very hard to produce in large numbers. That’s why we.....

Italian floriculture finds international platform

It is a common problem; finding a successor for your family business. Also in Italy, the floriculture sector has decreased in attractiveness among the younger generation. Many farms that are currently in business are still family companies, but this is about to change as most of the companies lack a child.....

Pink can be your favourite colour at the Cultivate'18

It has become a familiar color to the horticultural industry and walking around at the Cultivate it was no different: the bright pink LED lights shining out of various booths. Although the LED market has not yet gone bust, the number of big projects is growing steadily. An important topic in this is the.....

Plastic as part of a sustainable solution

Plastic has in recent times been demonised by the press and it is now the assumption of many that we should find alternatives wherever possible. It is however a versatile material and when used responsibly, and recycled after use, it does not automatically have the disastrous environmental impact often.....

Veiling Rhein-Maas reports 'excellent figures' for April

Veiling Rhein-Maas looks back on the first six months of 2018 with satisfaction. “We are pleased that in the second quarter of 2018 Veiling Rhein-Maas was once more able to beat the records achieved in the second quarter of 2017,” states Uwe Bedenbecker, Managing Director of Veiling Rhein-Maas. “In the.....

Colombian nursery growers visit ornamental production in Brazil

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, led a technical mission to the region of Holambra in Brazil last week. A group of 18 Colombian ornamental plant producers visited their Brazilian peers to learn about the advances in production, varietal renewal, and commercialization.....

East Coast’s largest flower farm becomes Certified American Grown

Bloomia, the largest cut flower farm on the East Coast, has become the latest Certified American Grown Farm.Bloomia grows nearly 100 million flowers a year, including tulips (year-round), hyacinths, muscari and peonies (seasonally) in 46 acres of temperature-controlled greenhouses. Most of the flowers are.....

Aerial photographs of millions of tulips grown in the Netherlands

"Dutch tulip farmers grow around two billion tulips every year," German photographer Tom Hegen explains. "The flowers come into full bloom for three to four weeks a year, between April and May. Once the tulips are in full bloom, the farmers run cutting machines through their fields, lopping off the colourful.....

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Plastic as part of a sustainable solution

Plastic has in recent times been demonised by the press and it is now the assumption of many that we should find alternatives wherever possible. It is however a versatile material and when used responsibly, and recycled after use, it does not automatically have the disastrous environmental impact often.....

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UK: Organic grower on an environmental mission

Rosebie, founder and flower farmer at the Real Flower Company, has always had a mission to grow flowers as nature intended. She planted her first rose bushes for cutting in 1992 and is adamant that it is our duty to leave the land we farm and the world around us in a better condition than we found it. Each.....

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Growing peonies in the French sun

At Valentinfleurs the three Valentin brothers grow peonies. My Peony went there to check it out which resulted in some great insight into this originally Dutch horticultural company now turned fully French.Since 2006 they have been growing peonies in as many all natural ways as possible. In the open ground.....

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Belgian breeder introduces helleborus that blooms at Christmas

Helleborus breeder Het Wilgenbroek have announced their new selections for 2018/2019.The new Helleborus 'Winterfall' is a new selection of H.niger from seed that blooms at Christmas. It's a very compact variety with the flowers above the leaves.Winterfall'Lovely Collection'The 'Lovely Collection’ is.....

Syngenta Flowers scoops top prizes at European shows

Syngenta Flowers is celebrating winning four awards at two of Europe’s top horticultural trade shows, Salon du Végétal in France and the Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) National Plant Show in the UK.Syngenta Flowers won a Gold and Silver award at one of France’s biggest shows, Salon du Végétal, held in.....

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"An annual tradition to celebrate summer is born"

"Although we already had fantastic summer weather in Holland in the months of May and June, the astronomical start of summer took place on June 21st. It is also the longest day of the year with about 18.5 hours of light in Holland. Why not celebrate this with sunflowers", Harm Custers, Manager Marketing.....

New website for Ball FloraPlant

Ball FloraPlant has redesigned its website at The new look unifies the brand with fresh color to better-align with the 2019 Ball FloraPlant catalog and simplifies navigation to key product information and culture. The update also includes a mobile-friendly layout for greenhouse.....

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Little robot looks after plants

Tianqi Sun, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, has created a delightful mod of his robot Hexa which cares for a houseplant when the owner is too forgetful to water it.Hexa is a small crab-like looking robot, which is available to buy for $949 and is designed to give people the chance to experiment with.....

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UK: Demand for water remains extremely high

Above average rainfall in spring this year means water supplies across the UK are generally healthy – Britain is not about to go into a drought. However, demand for water remains extremely high throughout the current heatwave, so water companies are continuing to ask everyone to please use water wisely. A.....

Interflora sees business opportunity in Indian weddings

As India celebrates 10 million weddings a year, global flower delivery company Interflora smells a huge opportunity.In less than a year of setting up operations in Mumbai, the company is looking to bring in one cargo plane every week, filled to the brim with imported flowers worth ₹2 crore.A tall.....

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Denmark: New garden centre for Hobbyland

In the town of Roskilde, about 35 kilometres west of Copenhagen, Smiemans Projecten will build a new garden centre for Hobbyland next to their existing building. The owner of Hobbyland wants to divide the construction of this project into two phases. The construction for the first phase will start in.....

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Envisioning a 100 percent American Grown wedding

Last year, floral designer Kelly Shore committed to increasing her use of American Grown Flowers and foliage in her designs with a goal of getting to 100 percent.Kelly Shore was the featured designer at the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner in Alaska during 2017. That experience led to a passion for using.....

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July 26, Quito

Ecuador: International seminar explores floriculture market

The growth and expansion of the floral industry shows no signs of slowing as new markets continue to open and new customers emerge. Significant changes in sales venues, customer preferences and market tactics parallel seismic shifts in how floral products are sourced, harvested and transported.The.....

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John Meewisse, Meewisse Plants

NL: Zero discharge requested for bromelia cultivation

Meewisse Plants, in Erica, the Netherlands, specializes in the cultivation of two species of bromelia: Guzmania (8 varieties) and Aechmea (6 varieties). For this, the company has two locations of 4 hectares each. 70 percent of this total surface is equipped with wheeled containers. The last 18 weeks of.....

Kenya: National Biosafety Authority appoints CEO

The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) is a state corporation and the National Competent Authority on all matters involving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Kenya.Prof. Dorington Ogoyi, who has been acting CEO, has been appointed as the substantive CEO. This followed a rigorous and competitive.....

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Panalpina Perishables Network expands to South Africa

Following last month’s acquisition in Argentina, Panalpina is now expanding its Perishables Network to South Africa. The international freight forwarding and logistics company is to acquire a majority stake in perishables specialist Skyservices. With the latest acquisition, Panalpina sets foot in a strategic.....


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