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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The comeback of Meilland Roses

Meilland Roses is one of the major rose breeders worldwide. Going back to the mid-nineteenth century, it’s also one of the oldest, boasting many famous varieties over the years. Those familiar in the business remember the Baccara, a long-time success and more recently the Samourai, a red variety holding.....

NL: Nieuwkoop Europe builds an additional 2.5 ha

On Wednesday 13 June, the first pile of Nieuwkoop Europe's new construction project was driven in. The company, which both imports, cultivates and trades in hydroponics, pot plants and planters, is going to expand its floor area by approximately 25,000m2, adjacent to the current location of 75,000m2 in De.....

Effective products for Powdery Mildew relief

With May’s weather continuing to be up and down, humidity control is a problem in the greenhouse, meaning Powdery Mildew (PM) is too. This pest is rearing it’s ugly head in crops like Kalanchoe and Dahlia.The bloggers for Ontario Greenhouse Floriculture Growers joined forces with Plant Pathologist Ann Zemke.....

August 2, Loudon

US (NH): PVG & D.S. Cole open doors to horticultural pros

Building on more than two decades of open house events, Pleasant View Gardens (PVG) and D.S. Cole Growers are at it again – opening their doors to industry professionals from around the world to visit their greenhouses and gardens on August 2nd.“It sounds cliché, but after 22 years, we still get excited by.....

Video: How to calibrate a pH and EC meter

The pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of irrigation water, fertilizer solutions, and growing substrate can have profound effects on crop growth and development. A hand-held pH and EC meter is a convenient way to monitor your irrigation solution and rootzone. However, a measurement is only as good as the.....

UK: Laburnum anagyroides Yellow Rocket takes New Plant Award

Laburnum anagyroides Yellow Rocket from Frank P Matthews has been crowned this year as Best in Show at the New Plant Awards on the opening morning of the HTA National Plant Show. The show, sponsored by Hortipak, takes place 19 and 20 June at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.Laburnum anagyroides Yellow Rocket is a.....

Canadian cannabis industry in high spirits

The die is cast, the cat is out of the bag. Starting from September 1st, recreational marijuana can be bought legit in Canada. After regulating medicinal marijuana in 2001 already, another law was approved yesterday legalizing recreational marijuana as well. "It’s been too easy for our kids to get.....

Factors to consider when choosing growing media

A high-quality plant starts with a healthy and strong seedling or cutting. When choosing a substrate to sow seed or to root cuttings, growers often wonder which substrate to use. Choosing the right substrate not only depends on the physical properties of the substrate, but also on the type of plants to be.....

Photo Report FlowerTrials 2018

PHOTO REPORT Here it is, the photo report of the FlowerTrials 2018. The 32 locations where 60 breeders were showcasing their varieties, closed their doors last Friday, June 15. The organization has not published the numbers yet, but several companies expect to have welcomed more visitors than previous years......

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FlowerTrials 2018

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Greentech Summit 2018

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Iran Green Trade Fair 2018

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California Spring Trials 2018

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SmartCups packaging range expanded

SmartCups can be used instead of ceramic pots. They are water-proof, easy to use, recyclable, and (if required) bio-degradable. Following the SmartCup for pot size 12, Elburg-Smit are now launching the SmartCup for pot size 9. They produce it themselves, ensuring that they can deliver quickly and in a design.....

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Transforming St Lucia’s floriculture industry

The Global Environment Fund (GEF) Small Grants Project has, through the award of a pilot project, been assisting the Saint Lucia Floral Co-operative Society to transform the local floral industry by integrating less toxic inputs into the production process.Over thirty farmers have been trained and registered.....

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NL: Over one million peonies about to burst into flower

In this video below, the peony field of Green Works in Limburg. "The spring is here and our plants start to grow. In just a couple of weeks everything will be in bloom." Green Works grows the peonies, that are for cut and pot use, themselves on eight different peony fields. Late May/early June over one.....

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Selecta One presents new Trixi catalogue

Selecta One presents its new Trixi catalogue 2018/2019.In the catalogue, the breeder presents its Calribrachoa Trixi “early & compact” with Calibrachoa of the series Uno, which they selected using the criteria of early blooming, uniformity/regularity, and compact and easy to manage growth. These are a.....

CAN (BC): Bloomin’ Easy introduces three new varieties for 2019

Bloomin’ Easy introduces three new varieties for 2019, available to wholesale growers as young plants this spring. Panther Physocarpus, Bella Bianca Potentilla and Poprocks Petite Spiraea offer improved characteristics over older varieties and match the easy-to-grow standard set by the brand focused on busy,.....

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Lidl introduces GGN consumer label for flowers and ornamentals

German based retailer Lidl expands their demand for certification to their suppliers of flowers and ornamentals. GlobalGAP has already been Lidl's standard of choice for fruit and vegetable sold in their European stores for many years. Now they published new requirements for their ornamental range sold in.....

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"Automation could treble value of China's flower industry"

Virtually overlooked in China’s mad dash to automate nearly everything is the country’s cut-flower industry.According to China Horticultural Business Services, China’s floriculture industry is valued at more than $11 billion, with 90 percent of the fresh flowers produced consumed in China.Automation could.....

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Guatemalan government abandons search for survivors volcano Fuego

"The Guatemalan government does not expect to find any survivors after the eruption of volcano Fuego. This, combined with the danger in the area (small eruptions every day), made them decide to abandon the search", says Nicolette Straver of Dümmen Orange. Their Guatemalan farm is located near the volcano.....

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US (OH): Corso's comments on arrest of employees

On June 5, 2018, Federal investigators executed a search warrant at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center locations in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio. In the process of executing that warrant, the investigators arrested more than 100 Corso’s employees. Corso’s is fully complying with the government’s investigation,.....

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The demand for seasonally grown British flowers

British Flowers Week 2018 kicks off this Monday. This means that consumers, florists and growers across the country celebrate the Floral beauty that the UK has to offer. British Flower Ambassador, Jonathan Moseley, loves his British Blooms. And he’s here to tell you why it’s good for your business to buy.....

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Chinese delegation visits UK garden centres

Eighteen leaders in the Chinese horticultural sector recently visited UK garden centres on a study tour. Facilitated by the China Horticultural Society and led by UK horticultural business consultant Neville Stein, the tour involved visiting 13 horticultural sites of excellence in the South East including.....

British Flowers Week museum displays revealed

British Flowers Week is here, and for the sixth year the organizers have done things a little differently. The week is celebrated with six specially commissioned floral designs from some of the country's most exciting florists, brought to you by New Covent Garden Market at the Garden Museum.You can visit the.....

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"Together the largest auction platform in Europe"

NL: Troostwijk and BVA merger

Auctio, with BVA Auctions as the most well-known label, and Troostwijk Auctions & Valuations are merging and together will form the largest online auction platform in Europe. "A logical step", according to CEOs Ghislaine Duijmelings (Troostwijk) and Herberth Samsom (Auctio). "We combine technology,.....

"Renewed recipe is well received"

NL: Plants from SV.CO in a new, durable packaging

Last October, flower grower SV.CO changed their appearance. The changes are becoming increasing more visible, and the company reports positive reactions."The new design is more illustrative with natural colors. Almost all SV.CO products are currently being packaged in the new look and the reactions from the.....

US: Justin Wisniewski joins Must Have Perennials as General Manager

Must Have Perennials announces the hiring of Justin Wisniewski as General Manager effective immediately.Justin has had a wealth of experiences preparing him for this position, which includes operating his own consultation firm. He has a B.S. in Education and holds teaching certificates in both Pennsylvania.....

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The influence of IoT: How it’s transforming global logistics

When someone mentions the Internet of Things (IoT), people often think of smart devices, wearables, or even how your heating at home regulates itself. However, the influence of the IoT goes far beyond that. More specifically, it’s impacting the logistics world and global supply chains.The IoT is already.....


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