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for cut roses, tulips and peonies

Controlled atmosphere boxes extend flower shelf life

Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day… Among different specificities, the cut flowers market is characterized by strong price variations related to some festive events. And so, growers are always looking for solutions to sell as many stems as possible at these high-price periods. Stems’ shelf life is a key factor here.

As an efficient answer to this issue, storage in controlled atmosphere (CA) boxes proved to be very relevant. Running in regular cold rooms, these patented lidded boxes let the cut flowers create their own CA conditions just by breathing. As a result of this all-natural process, the shelf life of the stems is greatly increased: up to 20 days for roses or tulips, and up to 8 weeks for peonies. The saturated hygrometry inside the boxes maintains the freshness during the whole storage time, and the qualities of the flowers (vase life, color…) are kept unaltered.

Thanks to these flexibility gains, suppliers of the cut flowers market can decide to delay the sales of parts of their productions, in order to reach much better prices, when the main festive events are approaching. For example, by delaying the sales of roses from mid-late January to February, one can expect to gain 0.40€ more per stem. For tulips, it can go up to 0.35€ gains per stem. Or for peonies, delayed sales at the late season can bring 0.20€ / stem gains. This innovative way to optimize their income should surely get the attention of lots of growers.

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Publication date: 4/12/2018



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