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CAST: What was on display at American Takii and Speedling?

Do you still remember what was on display at American Takii and Speedling during the California Spring Trials last month? If not, or if you have not visited the trials, below are the highlights of the breeding companies that were presenting their varieties at these locations; American Takii and HilverdaKooij at American Takii's location in Salinas and Thompson and Morgan, Hem Genetics, Vista Farms and Plant Source International at Speedling in San Juan Bautista. 

Click here for the extensive Photo Report of the California Spring Trials that we published right after the Trials.

American Takii

Mike Huggett of American Takii presenting South Pacific F1 Canna. South Pacific Scarlet was introduced 6 years ago as the first F1 AAS winning Canna from seed. Joining the series are, 2018 AAS winner Orange along with Rose and Ivory. The South Pacific series delivers quick and uniform germination, saving the grower overall production time. South Pacific perform in various conditions including hot, humid landscapes as well as shallow water gardens but will also perform great in mixed containers or as a standalone for the deck. The plants will branch naturally and produce large abundant flowers season long.

On the left: Fantasista is an extra dwarf, extra early and good basal branching linaria. It withstands frosts and short duration freezes to 26°F -4°C. On the right: Onyx Red is compact and uniform with dark purple foliage (in high light conditions). It produces round fruit that starts purple/black and matures to red. Onyx Red has a good heat tolerance and a long shelf life. Its compact, branching habit, bold dark foliage and shiny red fruit along with its outstanding performance earned Onyx Red an All-America Selections award. Click here for the enlarged picture.


Co Overduin of HilverdaKooij next to their pot alstroemerias.

At the American Takii location, HilverdaKooij planted their Hellebore, Echinacea and Garden Alstroemerias in the border. These varieties will remain in the border for the coming years, so that the visitors can see their performances year after year. On the right: A new Salvia that is still under code. The colibris are fond of this plant and the ones on the picture, no PGRs are used. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Thompson and Morgan

Georgie Moody, Paul Masters and Perry Sheeran presenting Sunbelievable, a vegetative sunflower. In the UK, they had it flowering from June to Mid-November and it produced around 1,000 flowers, explains Masters.

On the left: Cosmos bipinnatus Apricot. The flower has an apricot color with central blush eye. "Our plant breeding team took a late-flowering Japanese cosmos variety and crossed it with earlier-flowering cosmos with better, shorter habits. The resulting delicate, subtle apricot blossoms of Cosmos 'Apricot' are produced en masse throughout the summer on short, branching cosmos plants." On the rig: Antirrhinums. It is a scented snapdragon that is good for cut flower production. White (Antirrhimum majus 'Royal Bride') is new this year and red, yellow, pink will be new for 2019. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Vista Farms

Jerome O'Neil with Sunstone Red (introduced in 2017) and Sunstone White (introduced in 2018). Both varieties have spore of Juanita in it. It Is a compact variety, heaty bloomer and are very suitable for tropical climates as ground cover, in small containers and/or hanging baskets.

A combination of Yanis Delight, Topaz Gold and Juanita. All three varieties have the same plant structure and flowering habit and therefore work well in a combination.

Hem Genetics

Marco Laan of Hem Genetics and the Limbo Picotee series. New in the series are Violet and Blue and for the coming year, they will only be available to the US growers in a mix. Next year, the varieties will be introduced individually.

On the left: Hem Technologies is a new service of HEM Genetics and Hem Zaden through which they are combining their latest and best methods of seed enhancement. The Pellets from Hem Technologies, for example, melt directly after contact with a drop of water and they have a yellow color for better optical recognition to allow for immediate spotting of sowing errors. "Our trials conclude that we have developed a pellet that shows extremely good germination results." This pelleting process is available for various species, including their petunia, dianthus ageratuma and others like begonia. On the right: F1 Viola Cornuta Corina. Small-flowered Corina has a highly uniform and well-branched plant habit which ensures a good coverage of the pot. Corina is suited for production in spring and autumn and can be used for production in a wide range of pack and pot sizes. Corina exhibits a strong basal branching and mounded plant habit covered with profuse quantities of flowers which continue to produce blooms throughout the season. Click here for the enlarged picture. 

Plant Source international

Troy Lucht of Plant Source International, They grow other breeder's genetics and on the picture Verbena Estrella of Westhoff.

Click here for the extensive Photo Report of the California Spring Trials that we published right after the Trials.

Publication date: 5/10/2018
Author: Elita Vellekoop



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