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Daan Kneppers, Green Works:

Dutch peony season about to break loose

The Dutch peony season is about to start. Stems now entering the market are mostly produced in plastic tunnels and unheated greenhouses, but soon open field production will take off. The video below, produced by Dutch breeding and propagation company Green-Works, shows the crop about to burst into colors.

In two to three weeks the first stems will be cut. European peony production is characterized by a fixed supply pattern. The first stems to hit the market are produced in Israel. These are followed by southern Europe and France. Once the main influx is over, the first Dutch ones come loose, first out of the greenhouse, and next from the open field.

Acreage grows
Over recent years, the acreage in Holland has grown considerably. This is due to an eager market, both domestic and abroad, and consumers willing and able to spend a bit extra. In particular, the acreage of foil tunnels is growing fast. "This way, growers can spread out the peak in production", Daan Kneppers of Green-Works explains. "To combine production in greenhouses with production in the open field spreads both supply and labor."

Alternating peak
Currently, in tunnels and cold greenhouses, cutting is already taking place, and next week the first species will bloom outdoors. The exact moment production spikes differs each year. If weather conditions are warm and sunny, this spike will be early as well. If it's cold and dark, it will be later. This year, spring in Holland started well. Then, however, it turned quite cold and dark again, with temperatures locally dropping below zero at night. The last few days again were sunny, the coming days will be colder. As mentioned, it is almost impossible to predict anything with certainty.

Among others, Green Works is a supplier of young plants for both potted peony plants as well as stems. The company supplies both the regular assortment as well as new varieties, which come directly from the breeder.

For more information:
Green Works
Witte Paal 341
1742 LE Schagen
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)224 - 590 173
F: +31 (0)224 - 590 925

Publication date: 5/19/2017
Author: Geert Peeters



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