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"I tested my growing media, now what?"

The number one advice Rosa Raudales of the University of Connecticut gives to growers is: Monitor the pH and EC of the growing media. This recommendation applies to new batches of media or the media in the containers.

Last year there were many problems with low pH in the growing media. In CT, many small growers reported severe iron & manganese phytotoxicity in geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, and Bounce Impatiens. This year growers listened, they proactively sent growing media samples to test for pH and nutrient content.

Now that the results are in, do they know how the pH of the media will react in the container?

This e-Gro Alert discusses how to monitor the pH of new batches of growing media. This discussion applies to peat-based growing mixes.

Publication date: 3/20/2018



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