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US: Pyrethrins and canola oil combine in new insecticide/miticide

OHP announces the immediate availability of a new biosolution, Pycana Insecticide/Miticide.

Pycana is a unique combination product containing natural pyrethrins and canola oil that provides quick knockdown of many insects and mites including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, spider mites, leafhoppers, fungus gnats, plant bugs, psyllids, mealybugs, and more.

Labeled for ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, Pycana gives ornamental and specialty growers another tool to fight off pesky insects and mites in greenhouses, shadehouses, hoophouses, and in container nurseries.

"Our biosolutions segment continues to expand and the addition of Pycana gives us yet another tool for ornamental, fruit, vegetable, and herb growers,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager.

Pycana is approved for organic production and OMRI listing has been applied for.

OHP Technical Manager Dr. Carlos Bográn notes the difference between Pycana and other natural pyrethrins-based products.

"Natural pyrethrins are traditionally formulated in combination with the synergist PBO (piperonyl butoxide) to enhance their effectiveness”, says Dr. Bográn.

Dr. Bográn notes recent studies have shown that oleic acid and other components of botanical oils may be as good or better than PBO at synergizing natural pyrethrins.

"Botanical oils such as canola oil may facilitate penetration through the insect cuticle increasing exposure to the multiple insecticidal components of natural pyrethrins,” adds Dr. Bográn. "The combination of refined botanical oils and natural pyrethrins provides a promising new tool for growers.”

Pycana has a 12-hour REI and CAUTION signal word. It is packaged in a one-gallon jug, four to a case.

For more information:
P.O. Box 51230
Mainland, PA 19451
(800) 659-6745

Publication date: 6/13/2018



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