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Belgian plants at IPM 2017

The international ornamental plant sector will soon be meeting up in Essen. As is tradition, Belgium will also be present. Under the VLAM flag, no less than 38 companies will be taking part. You will find them in Hall 2 (stands B25 & D30), Hall 12 (stand D42) and Hall 7 (stand E35). While in Hall 2 the focus is on such typically Flemish products as azaleas, rhododendrons, flowering indoor plants, the Flemish bay and chrysanthemums, as well as bushes, young and bedding plants, in Hall 12 we find mainly products from tree nurseries.

During IPM they shall be presenting several new items from the companies participating.

The Helleborus specialist Het Wilgenbroek will be showing off its Helleborus VIV ‘VICTORIA’. This new product is striking for its mass of purple flowers. It is a variety of Helleborus Orientalis that already starts flowering in September and continues until spring.

It is marketed by Microflor: -

Aduro Orange and Violet are the latest newcomers to the range of Gediflora’s ‘Belgian Mums’ and are conspicuous for their bicoloured flowers. They are a fine adornment for both the interior and a patio or terrace. These Aduros have intense, warm colours: orange and violet. The flowers open extremely slowly, which guarantees a much longer storage life at the sales outlet.

Dataflor is presenting new tricolour mixed pots of chrysanthemums and is thereby responding to the increasing demand for a combination of colours. There is a mixture for large pots up to 1.2 m diameter, and one for smaller pots of up to 30 cm diameter. The cultivation of these chrysanthemums requires a lot from the various varieties. Uniformity is of the greatest importance. All the varieties in the same mixture must after all grow at the same speed, blossom at the same time and also have the same length of stem and diameter of flower.

A new star has been born at Exotic Plant: Guzmania Stella. And you can take this quite literally, because of its superb star-shaped orange blossom. Its compact green leaves also mean this plant does not take up much room, which is a financial advantage. ‘Stella’ is best suited to smaller-sized pots: 6 to 10 cm. The plant grows to a height of 25 cm.

For more information:

Publication date: 12/21/2016



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