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Photos: A look into Waterdrinker Green Trade Centre

A year ago the first pile of the Waterdrinker Green Trade Centre (GTC), also known as 'Huis van de Kweker' (Dutch for 'Grower's House'), was sunk. Past weekend the glasses were raised again, but now warm and dry inside the new building. We visited and were shown around.

When entering you immediately see the ExpoHouse. This ExpoHouse offers growers the opportunity to show their products and novelties. Right behind it is a lab, where breeders can show how the breeding process actually works.

There are also design boxes, boxes in which (mostly younger) designers have the opportunity to showcase their art with respect to the growing sector, such as fashionable pots. They are intended to show inspiration and innovations of course.

Buying at the source
Martine van Rijswijk, working at the communications department, tells that the largest part of the GTC is set up with shop-in-shops, comparable with how for instance the Bijenkorf approaches customers. "One of the advantages is that the products on display are always fresh, but we have mainly chosen for this way because our customers more and more want to buy at the source itself."

Another area where the Grower's House has to do very well is the broad assortment of exclusive flowers and plants. This already was a specialty of Waterdrinker and partner Dobbeflowers, and now has to be expanded even further: a great variety of products you can not buy at the auction.

Meet & Greets
It is also intended to stimulate and facilitate the contact between grower and buyer. "We organize meet & greets and help growers pitch their novelties. Moreover, the growers have the opportunity to be present at their own presentation, and so can inform passing customers of all they have to offer."

Click here for more information about the Green Trade Center

Publication date: 3/14/2018



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