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Ethiopian growers receive IPM training

The Ethiopian horticulture sector is fast growing, only coming second to Kenya in Africa. The nodal association of producer exporter companies, Ethiopia Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA), represents and supports active member farms in all aspects of production, processing and marketing. The IPM department of the association is mandated to support the farms with respect to pest management in an holistic manner. From June 25-July 6, 2018, the IPM department provided capacity building training to production managers and protection heads (a total of 36 experts in two groups) of the companies (farms) partnering with Flamingo Horticulture (Kenya) Ltd – Dudutech Training Department. The focus of the training was on IPM for flower producer exporters.

The training was aimed to equip the trainees with skills on designing and implementing an IPM program in flower production. It also imparted trainees with knowledge of how to design a strategic plan aimed at effective integration of chemical control in an IPM program and the different strategies of pesticide reduction without compromising efficiency of the farms.

The training, though not limited to, includes essential components of IPM, ecological principles & foundations of IPM, crop monitoring, biological pest management, chemical pest control, impacts of pesticides, implementation of IPM program, cost-benefit analysis of IPM program, pesticides resistance management, emerging & re-emerging pests (thrips, mealy bug, caterpillars, etc) of horticulture sectors.

For more information:
(+251) 11 663 67 50

Publication date: 7/12/2018



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