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There's a bromeliad for everyone

The bromeliad is houseplant of the month March, a good time to highlight the largest bromeliad supplier and long-term partner from OZ Planten: Bromelia Specialist. Bromelia Specialist has a market share in turnover of 48% in Europe and is one of the largest providers of bromeliads.

Bromelia Specialist is the umbrella organisation of marketing and sales for four nurseries: LKP Plants, Bunnik Vriesea's, Tobias Bromeliads and La Pura Vida. Each nursery specializes in growing various types of bromeliads, thus the organisation can deliver a wide range of different varieties. Together they provide a production of 9 million bromeliads annually. Siegfried Bunnik and Wim Koolhaas (LKP Plants) form the management since 2009 of Bromelia Specialist.

The strength of Bromelia Specialist is the broad range that the company can supply. The range consists of many types of guzmania, vriesea, tillandsia, aechmea, ananas, neoregelia and other lesser-known varieties such as tillandsia usneoides, nidularium, billbergia, cryptyantus and vriesea multiflora.

The starting point for the Bromelia Specialist is to produce market-oriented, each season has its own needs and that goes for every customer as well. With the end customer in mind, the Bromelia Specialist finds suitable offers on the basis of six lifestyle groups. (Cupcake Colors, Green Rituals, Modern Mind, Sweet Romance, Urban Industry and Classic Coziness).

Bromelia Specialist can provide plants with added value year round. This is often with their own pots. Bromeliad lends itself well to sell with pot because of its bright colours. In a suitable pot a bromeliad quickly stands out on the shelf.

The grower has high standards for its cultivation in order to provide the same high-quality year round. Through modern technology, much attention is paid to the culture process. The spaces in the nurseries are used optimally. Each plant changes three times to another table and in total it takes about one year and 16 weeks before the plant is ready for sale. The growth process takes approximately 1 year, and 16 weeks are needed to develop the beautiful characteristic flowers by means of ethylene.

Bromelia Specialist has a number of its own cultivars and is constantly developing new varieties with their partners. Before the grower decides to produce a new cultivar on large scale the plant must meet 4 conditions:
  • The plant should fit well in cultivation.
  • The plant must have a long shelf life.
  • The plant must have strong, full colours.
  • The plant must be able to positively surprise consumers.
Through this rigorous selection the process can take years before there will be a new cultivar on the market.

For more information:

Publication date: 3/1/2017



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I would like import bromeliads in Guadeloupe, have you a catalog
Jardins de Guadeloupe
Lignieres Marie Christine , Baillif , Guadeloupe - 11/23/2017 11:27:56 AM

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