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Challenging times for U.S. industry, but "this too shall pass"

As everywhere, the COVID-19 crisis has also hit the flowers and greens industry in the United States hard. Growers, propagators and traders are feeling the impact of decimated demand, event cancellations and shop closures, but amidst all this, there are also feelings of hope, in the knowledge that we're…

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Donations, no direct sales from the nursery: Danish grower PKM supports partners

March, April and May are some of the most important months for Danish nursery Gartneriet PKM A/S, but like almost all other industries, they are struggling due to the COVID-19 crisis in Europe and therefore need to discard many of their plants. They are touched by the friendly calls and emails they…

Spain: Almeria growers buckle under virus pressure

No less than 150,000 people have to go to work every day in the Spanish greenhouse vegetable region of Almeria - but since March 14th, cars can be only occupied by two people and vans and buses can only be half-filled. All to contain the COVID-19 virus, of which Spain is enduring a severe outbreak. For…

Weed control with TopControl

"A large surface can be covered with a relatively small volume"

Weed control in pot and container cultivation is a challenge for many growers. Due to the limited application possibilities of pesticides, a lot of time must be spent on weeding weeds and moss during cultivation and delivery work. Nowadays there are more and more different covering materials on the…

"And still Growing”

DeVroomen Garden Products celebrates 95th anniversary

DeVroomen Garden Products is a family-oriented company that has taken great pride in being one of the leaders in the flower bulb and perennial industry for 95 years. Below, a…

Corona crisis: country updates

In this article you will find an update from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), who are involved in the crisis measures surrounding the Coronavirus and informs Royal…

Biobest sticky traps available from Real IPM Kenya

Growers in Kenya, and throughout Africa, now have access to Biobest’s sticky cards and rolls via Real IPM Kenya. Acquired by Biobest in 2018, Real IPM Kenya has become the sole African distributor of this extensive range of cards and traps employed to monitor and trap pests worldwide. Blue or yellow?The sticky…

A video of Flowers of Colombia

Colombian flowers share their story

"Dear world, can you see us?" With this sentence, the recently launched video of Flowers of Colombia starts. In less then one minute, they tell the story out of the perspective of the flowers grown in Colombia and nurtured by 140,000 Colombian workers. "Allow us to bring smiles and harmony to the world."…

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US: Natural Fragrance Rose available soon at retail stores nationwide

Just 9 months after its release, eco-friendly Natural Fragrance Rose will soon be available in every US state, reaching shoppers in over 2,000 retail stores nationwide - and just in time for Mother’s Day. Developed by third-generation Dutch florist Peter Persoon, Natural Fragrance Rose is a real,…

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The very specific rules for naming houseplants

Dracaena trifasciata isn’t satisfied with just one name. Also known as the snake plant, St. George’s sword, viper’s bowstring hemp or, for the vengeful among us, mother-in-law’s tongue, the common houseplant has more than enough monikers. But it probably wouldn’t mind if you gave it another. Like Bruce…

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The effect of salinity on the growth of lavender species

Long term degradation of water quality from natural resources has led to the use of alternative water resources for irrigation that are saline. Saline water irrigation in floriculture for the production of nursery crops requires an understanding of plant response. The pot growth of four lavender species…

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Watch out: a list of recognisable digital security dangers in horticulture

Virtually everyone says "yes" when asked if digital security is important. When push comes to shove, though, labour or water gets more priority from the grower, and for suppliers, there's always a higher item on the to-do-list, too. Strange actually, because in all company processes digital security is…

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Oboya increases sales of environmentally friendly cultivation products

Oboya has received several inquiries regarding environmentally friendly cultivation products made from Swedish biomaterials. During the upcoming peak season, the company has taken several orders from customers and growers of fresh herbs and salads in the Scandinavian market. Oboya expects sales of…

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Canada: Federal carbon charge increasing April 1

Effective April 1, 2020, the federal carbon charge for natural gas in Canada will increase from 3.91 ¢/m³ to 5.87 ¢/m³. The federal carbon charge rates are established in the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Act and are set to increase every year until 2022. You can see the projected increases in the…

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Netherlands: New 3.5 ha greenhouse for Schneider Youngplants

Schneider Youngplants has been given the go-ahead by local authorities to build their new young plant nursery in Woudrichem, the Netherlands. On top of that, the Rabobank has agreed to full financing and the team of KG Systems is already preparing for this ambitious turnkey project. The opening of the…

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UK: Wyevale Nurseries granted licence to propagate Lomandra ‘White Sands’

Wyevale Nurseries will be growing Lomandra ‘White Sands’, the first variegated Lomandra, which was also the Winner of Best New Novelty at the Groen-Direkt Spring Fair in Holland in January. Kyle Ross, Production Manager at the Containers Division at Wyevale Nurseries in Hereford, explained: “We are delighted…

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Designing resilient organic greenhouse production systems for Europe

During the last decade, there has been a strong discussion about the principles of organic farming, driven primarily by the differences in organic production systems in Europe. Some systems are highly intensified and focus on high economic sustainability whereas others focus on increasing biodiversity…

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Kick-off huge art installation #flowers4oxygen at Keukenhof: who's next?

The first flower and plant artwork by #flowers4oxygen on the grounds of famous Dutch flower park Keukenhof is ready. Photos and drone images can now be seen online using hashtag #flowers4oxygen and at The movement calls similar creative initiatives around the world to share them…

Virtual Keukenhof:

Gardener Michael in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion

Because you cannot visit Keukenhof right now, they decided to bring Keukenhof to you. In the upcoming weeks they will show you the most beautiful places of the park. In this video, gardener Michael takes us to the Willem-Alexander Pavilion. For more

A positive floral message filled with hope

Flower Council launches ‘Let hope bloom’

COVID-19 is having a major impact on the floriculture sector. The Flower Council of Holland is working hard to find a way to maintain consumers’ interest in flowers in a positive and appropriate way. That is why the consumer campaign ‘Let hope bloom’ will be launched on Friday 27 March. The campaign will…

The gift of flowers

Passion often leads to purpose, and this month, that purpose came in the form of giving the Gift of Flowers. by Diana Roy, Resendiz Brothers We love flower farming here in California, especially in the springtime when there are so many varieties to choose from and the colors are amazing. Our farm's shipping department was…

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Garden Center 911: Instant online revenue — no tech required

As garden centers across the United States are ordered to shut their doors to comply with shelter in place and social distancing measures in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19, Little Prince of Oregon Nursery has launched a new online referral program to help businesses maintain service to customers…

Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey garden centres tell their story

"Spring isn't cancelled"

Even though many garden centers in the US had to (because their business was considered as "non-essential" by their state) or decided themselves to close their doors. Also the garden centers that are still open see decline in sales as orders are being cancelled. But they continue promoting gardening as "Spring isn't cancelled",…

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FTD appoints new CEO

FTD announced the appointment of Charlie Cole as its Chief Executive Officer. "We are excited to have Charlie join FTD at this critical time", said Jeff Clarke, FTD's Executive Chairman. "As FTD…

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Neil Alcock

These beautiful Dryopteris Jurassic Gold were cancelled this week enroute! Happy to say now all sold to a great mail order customer! #newplants — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) March 27, 2020


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