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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Natasha Viedt, Rosaprima:

Ecuador: “Technological innovations will never replace our workers”

“While a big focus for us is to continually innovate and improve, the tradition of inspecting each rose individually remains highly important for us. This personal aspect that our ‘rose artisans’ contribute is what makes our work different from others,” says Natasha Viedt, Marketing Manager at the 400…

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Mexico: "Second edition of Ornamental Plants & Flower Expo a success"

From November 17 to 19, 2021, the second edition of the Ornamental Plants & Flowers Expo took place in Mexico City. As a partner country, the Netherlands was in the spotlight this year.  (From left to right) Dutch Ambassador, Wilfred Mohr; Minister of Economy of Morelos, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez PhD; President…

A Canadian solution against greenhouse pests

"Pests can change their behavior, but they can't avoid being eaten"

Greenhouse vegetable and flower growers are always looking for new tools to fight the pests that go after their crops. Three promising native Canadian predators are now under evaluation at Vineland as part of a project led by Rose Buitenhuis, PhD, Program Leader, Biological Crop Protection. She has been…

The unconventional gardener

There are no blooming marigolds on the ISS

In August this year, astronaut Thomas Pesquet was about to start an experiment on International Space Station (ISS). 'Graines d’Eklo' involved a specially-designed growing capsule, containing its own light source and a growing medium made of coir (coconut fiber) and vermiculite with a slow-release…

Delegation of the Indonesian Embassy of Agriculture and Horticulture visits

A delegation from the Indonesian Embassy of Agriculture and Horticulture visited webshop to discuss technology and innovation in nurseries. The webshop focuses on selling houseplants, pots, and various interior accessories to (international) customers. The delegation was in the Netherlands for…

Photo provided by Shane Curry

Early scouting for spider mites pays off

Spider mites may seem insignificant, but they can cause extensive damage and reduce yields if not caught early in the season. The two-spotted spider mite is very tiny (0.4 mm) and usually light yellow with a distinct spot on either side of the abdomen. The spider mites have piercing-sucking mouthparts…

Ball FloraPlant receives All-America Selections gold medal award for petunia Bee’s Knees

Ball FloraPlant has received a 2022 All-America Selections Gold Medal Award for its yellow vegetative petunia Bee’s Knees. This year, AAS judges across North America have bestowed their highest honor on Petunia Bee’s Knees as a true breeding breakthrough. With its proven garden performance and…


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