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"The first-ever miniature Knock Out Rose"

Meet Petite

The Petite Knock Out Rose is the first-ever miniature Knock Out Rose. This brand new addition has all the same great qualities as the other Knock Out Roses, just in a petite size. "It's easy to grow and excellent for planting in containers, in a grouping, as a focal point, or as a border. Its versatility, bold red color, and…

Gordon Robertson, Verdant Technologies, on HarvestHold:

New post-harvest solution extends life by up to 25 percent

"It depends on the floral type, but overall we see an up to 25 percent increase in the life of cut flowers and potted plants," says Gordon Robertson, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer of Verdant Technologies™ on the company’s recently introduced product, HarvestHold™. This new post-harvest product life…

Stars for Europe

UK: Breeders reveal new poinsettias for 2020

Breeders represented by Stars for Europe regularly release new poinsettia varieties – here’s a snapshot of the most innovative introductions that will be making their way to stores around the UK. Breeder Selecta One has a uniquely different new poinsettia – the ‘Christmas Mouse’. Its rounded red bracts…

North Carolina State University

Icelanders say ‘J’adore’ to pink poinsettias

A horticulturist in Hveragerði, South Iceland has been experimenting with multicolored poinsettia varieties and given the classic Christmas flower a makeover just in time for the holiday season. RÚV reports that Birgir Steinn Birgisson has successfully cultivated white, yellow, and hot pink poinsettias…


Understand the latest changes to Plant Passporting in the UK after Brexit

As of the 1st of January, following the UK’s exit from the EU on the 31st of December, the rules for your plant passporting labels will change in line with the GB (England, Scotland and Wales) Plant Passporting System. This change means that as of the 1st of January 2021, the EU Plant Passport will not…

Veiling Rhein-Maas

"Cyclamen is not only available in two or three colours"

"Customers should always get to know new products and enjoy them, because cyclamen is not only available in two or three colours," explains Herbert Schneider. The potted plant company is run jointly by him and his brother Thomas Schneider in the fourth generation and is located in Moers, Germany. The two…

Selecta One

Poinsettia production in full swing at Selecta One

Poinsettia production is in full swing at Selecta One. In their new "Tech Talk" videos, they give you tips and tricks, information and insights. Check out the new videos below, and find the company's Poinsettia assortment here. For more information:Selecta Onewww.selecta-­

"Plan your small-pot production to maximize sales"

“The first decision growers should make is ‘What do I grow and for what season?"' says Brian Bourdon. “Some plants are definitely better for growing in different seasons.”  He notes the best plants for early spring crops are those that flower early and readily, don’t need a lot of manipulation, and can handle…

Verdant Technologies brings fresh innovation to produce and floral life-extension

Verdant Technologies announces its commercial launch into the biotechnology industry, bringing innovative 1-MCP solutions to market designed to help the produce and floral…

Chernetskaya |

Houseplant popularity has bloomed during the pandemic

When the pandemic started, a lot of people didn’t want to shelter in place alone. So they bought plants. It’s not quite the same commitment as getting a roommate or adopting a pet, but it does require dedication. In a recent survey of 990 people who had purchased houseplants since March 2020, 12% were…


Mike Rimland, Rimland's Nursery & Costa Farms:

"Our best potting machine ever. True craftsmanship"

Rimland‘s Nursery, headquartered in plant paradise Miami, Florida was started in 1988 by Mike Rimland. The nursery is specializing now only in Anthurium production. Mike Rimland is the owner of Rimland’s Nursery as well as the VP of Research and Development Indoor Plants & Global Ambassador at Costa…


Geoponics partnership provides indoor plants throughout Canada

Vegaste has entered into a partnership with Geoponics to distribute fresh indoor plants throughout Canada using its e-commerce platform The partnership allows PlantX, a one-stop shop for everything plant-based and the digital face of the plant-based community, to expand its category…

Droomgans |

"Plants can recognise their relatives, make decisions, and count"

According to researchers, plants can count, make decisions, recognise their relatives and even remember events. And while they may not have a brain, they can learn in a similar way to humans and animals, say scientists. Professor Umberto Castiello said: ‘Although the idea that plants may behave in a…

The HC Companies

"Automation friendly containers are critical in getting the job done"

Labor shortages continue to remain an issue in the horticulture industry, and automation-friendly containers are looked upon as the solution. Many greenhouses and nurseries are turning towards contract employees to fill the labor void. But while they provide the physical assistance required in the…

Trade Me

Indoor plant with four leaves sells for $8,000 in New Zealand

An indoor plant with just four leaves has sold for more than NZ$8,000 (£4,000) in New Zealand, as the public’s passion for horticulture surges during the pandemic. Houseplants have become especially popular among millennials, experts say, many of whom are unable to nurture babies or pets due to financial…

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