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Luray grower uses topless high tunnels to feed community year round

A retired nurse is growing food for her community using a unique form of greenhouse. Alice Hill of rural Luray literally wrote the book on the use of topless high tunnels: 'Grow Topless: A Modified High Tunnel Design for Headache Free Extended-Season Gardening', which was published in 2019. Hill has been…

Nemori Flower Farm

AU: How a multigenerational family made a ‘flower change’ to Yass River

Leaving behind the fast-paced city for life in the country isn’t necessarily all about lying around in hammocks, sipping wine and smelling the roses. Although one might imagine recent tree-changer and the new owner of Yass River’s Nemori Flower Farm, Pip Gorton, spending more time among flowers than…

Katy Furnas, Emerald Coast Growers:

US (FL): “We built a new shipping warehouse, improving our efficiency”

“We look at challenges as opportunities, striving always to work smarter instead of harder,” says Katy Furnas, Outside Sales and Support Rep for Emerald Coast Growers. The company is a Florida-based wholesale nursery, mainly focusing on ornamental grasses and perennials. As the demand for their products…

Josef Heuger:

"Outdoor growing gets more challenging with climate change"

“As we all know, growers love to talk about the weather and that has again not been in our favor this year. This is making us thoughtful about climate change, as the weather extremes have become more of a challenge for all outdoor growers,” says Josef Heuger, owner of Heuger-Gartenbaubetriebe. In…

Dominik Neisser, Vivero Internacional:

Mexico: “As a smaller company, we are able to prioritize small breeders and their creations”

“We notice that small breeders appreciate the fact that we can prioritize them,” says Dominik Neisser, Technical Support Manager at Vivero Internacional, a Mexican company that specializes in the production of plant cuttings. “As a small company, we are flexible and always on board to try new things.” In…

Belgium: Grower sees increasing demand for potted herbs and spices throughout Benelux

“We’ve seen a huge drop in sales when Covid started. Normally customers would walk in on a regular basis,” says Lode Claus, owner at Kruiden (Herbs) Claus. “Normally the season kicks off in mid-March, as many will start exploring the options by then. However, with the lockdown in mid-March 2020, we soon…

1.5Ha greenhouse for potted roses constructed in Yancheng, China

During the last few months, a 1.5ha glass greenhouse was built up in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. This greenhouse will be used for potted roses. To maximize the planting space, the construction team designed an Ebb/Flow bench system for cultivation. The whole bench system covers an area of about 1 ha, and…

"We took more risk, but it paid off in the creation of the first potted Celosia"

Plant nursery Ammerlaan-Sosef from the Westland area has been a loyal partner of OZ Planten for many years. The company is famous for its Celosia deep purple, as well as the other varieties of celosia, Primula obconica, and Cyclamen. OZ Planten was one of the very first visitors to admire the brand-new…

NL: "Nursery Gebr. Grootscholten is showing the way"

On the outskirts of Kwintsheul, the Netherlands, are the two complexes of trade nursery Gebr. Grootscholten. According to Ludvig Svensson's article, for more than 75 years, the company has grown a wide range of up to fifty annual summer bloomers; cyclamen, chrysanthemums, lavender, and other seasonal…

Robert Wang, Apollo Farm, on their recent projects

Vietnam: "We are working on a new platform for Phalaenopis trade"

“Our weekly cut flower sales went from 10,000 to 2000, as the Vietnamese COVID-19 restrictions have recently severely impacted our Phalaenopsis sales,” says Robert Wang, Marketing and Sales Manager at Apollo Farm. The Vietnamese company grows both cut orchids and pot orchids in their greenhouse and sells…

Erica Wilson // News Editor

Sowing seeds of passion: Horticulturist turns childhood hobby into niche business

As the scent of honey floats through the air and homemade jewelry gleams in the sun, Venus flytraps lie in wait for unsuspecting insects to land between their waxy jaws. The trays of plants and a sign reading “Fayetteville Fly Traps” rest on a tiny table nestled among other vendors at the Fayetteville…

GreenBalanZ in balance (again)

The Van der Weijden dynasty in Kudelstaart has been cultivating three generations of Phalaenopsis orchids, according to Ludvig Svensson's article. The current owner Lennard continues the policy of his father Sjaak by growing as sustainably as possible. Phalaenopsis, even completely organic, has been on the market for about six…

Rosa Eskelund, breeder Roses Forever:

Denmark: “Not being able to travel has enhanced our pot rose selection”

“This year, the testing reports have shown that our rose breeding has been really successful,” says Rosa Eskelund, owner of Danish rose breeding company Roses Forever. “As we have not been able to travel, the extra time enabled us to really focus on improving our selection and test growing, and we are…

Lavender proves valuable

Kashmiri farmers "overjoyed with their new crop"

Since 2010, acres of lavender peeping from the hills as one travels through Doda, Kishtwar districts, and Bhaderwah sub-district in J&K have added to the scenic beauty. Farmers in these areas believe they have struck gold. “Previously, we mainly planted maize and could hardly produce Rs.2500 per kanal [8…

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